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The Frst List Their Top 10 Cannabis Strains and Invite You to Visit the “Pawn Shop” [Video Premiere]

We’re taking you for a stoned-out trip down to the “Pawn Shop” today with the help of Nashville rockers The Frst. Our journey will end with their new music video and includes the band’s top 10 Cannabis strains.



We’re taking you for a trip today to the “Pawn Shop” where you’ll be the guest of The Frst and get to view their new music video. The Nashville-based band, led by the talented Mikei Gray, is a collaborative musical project that brings together local musicians to record together. We’ll elaboreate further, but check out more of their music via Spotify here.

Gray had spent the better part of a decade as an accomplished live rock guitarist, having the opportunity to share the stage with Portugal. The Man, The Florida-Georgia Line, and Sublime With Rome among others. Not completely content with where he had been, Gray started The Frst in 2017 and began working with a rotating cast of Nashville area musicians. The list has continued to grow and includes names such as Andrew Leahey, Nathan Cogan, the touring guitarist for Taking Back Sunday, Jeff Hutchins (Insane Clown Posse) and Justin Smith as contributing members of this ambitious project.

Behind the scenes, Gray is assisted by the very capable team of James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Dashboard Confessional) and Andy Van Dette (Beastie Boys, David Bowie). Both are integral in giving The Frst that anthemic and urgent sound, full of heart and passion. The Frst’s earliest singles included the anthemic protest song against distracted driving called ”Another One” and the well-received ”Cycles,” both of which have helped Gray’s project move forward and pick up credibility along the way. There are nods to hard rock, pop and hip-hop layered throughout the sound of The Frst and it’s a project that’s definitely worthy of recognition and attention.

Watch the official music video for The Frst’s single “Pawn Shop”:

Along with the debut of “Pawn Shop” video premiere, today we are getting to know Gray a little better today with a list of his TOP 10 cannabis strains. And, just as a heads-up, the band reminds readers: “Please enjoy all of your cannabis goodies in a safe, legal environment, without driving, and definitely not pregnant! Happy Toking!”

10. WiFi OG
– “Also known as White Fire OG, this is a great daytime remedy for the writer’s block or business meeting. Though a ‘happy’ and ‘energetic’ high, WiFi will definitely leave you with a dry mouth which can make recording tough, so be sure to have a beverage handy!”

Recommended Listening: Anderson Paak – “Room in Here”

09. Blue Dream
– “One of California’s finest crops crossing Blueberry with Haze, this relaxing yet invigorating strain is a favourite of JT (yes, really) for a reason, it will breathe life back into you after even the most raucous night; though in the music industry it’s best known as a go-to strain for a relaxed yet focused performance.”

Recommended Listening: Justin Timberlake – “Pusher Love Girl”

08. March Madness
– “This one is debatable – Whether this was actually the fastest growing hybrid known as Mendocino Madness, or some kind of super fresh Mendocino spin-off, (or maybe just some drunken slur of words), March Madness was hella good in April. I know it sounds weird, but it took all March to do whatever it is they do. Fo Getta Bout It!”

Recommended Listening: The Frst – “Simulation” (Releases March 2020)

Check out The Frst’s artwork for their brand new single:

07. Lemon Fuel OG
– “Another 50/50 Hybrid on the list, a combo of Super Lemon Haze and Captain Krypto OG, this is exactly what you expect the sticky icky to look like; green, with just a few hints of those citrusy, dank hairs. It’s great rolled in joints to take the pressure off of photo shoots.”

Recommended Listening: 1000mods – “Vidage”

06. Sour OG
– “Even better than Sour Diesel, because its a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. A 50/50 (Sativa/Indica) Hybrid, for a balanced creative high. writing, recording…This is the jam if there’s no Tangerine Dream.”

Recommended Listening: Beck – “Devil’s Haircut”

05. Ice Cream Cake #5
– “23% THC and that oh so sweet Vanilla aroma. Great for unwinding after the show, whether it’s a meet and greet (aka hang) or getting down with some pizza and passing the f*ck out in a strange bed, in a strange place with South Park on the TV.”

Recommended Listening: Ice Cube – “It Was A Good Day”

04. Do Si Do
– “The Frst indica dominant hybrid on the list, with parents OGKB and GSC(-phenotype) with some beautiful orange hairs. It also just happened to be what we were smoking when we got the call about this interview!”

Recommended Listening: Bob Dylan – “The Man in Me”

Everywhere you go, there’s nothing but “Rules.” Check out some more from The Frst

03. Cat Piss
– “Originating as a clone-only phenotype of Super Silver Haze, this damn hard Sativa was actually The Frst’s virgin smoke session period. We couldn’t even get our phones out of our pockets we were so ripped. The world seemed tilted…Pretty sure that was us, right?”

Recommended Listening: Lil Wayne – “Mrs. Officer”

02. Tangerine Dream
– “I mean it’s cross of G13, Afghani, A5 Haze. It’ll kill the pain (body & mind) while giving you creative energy. We couldn’t stop writing or recording with this strain!”

Recommended Listening: The Frst – “Ammo”

01. Super Silver Haze
– “It won at the high Times Cannabis Cup 3 years in a row for a reason; It’ll knock you on your ass!! That’s exactly what happened to us in our virgin super silver haze session on our Frst trip to Long Beach. Favorite Sativa, hands down.”

Recommended Listening: Father of All… – “Green Day”

Enjoy the “Recommended Listening” playlist below:

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