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Album Review

Eat Lipstick – “New Wig! No Rules!” [Album Review]

Under the glitter and the outrageous costumes, Germany’s punk rocking Eat Lipstick delivers a raucous, fun album with the thoroughly enjoyable New Wig! No Rules! – self-released on January 11, 2020.



What would happen if you put glam rock, punk and disco in a blender and turned it on high speed? You would get German band Eat Lipstick, that’s what. A fixture of the underground punk scene in Berlin, these gender bending rockers are HUGE! Big hair, big make-up, big heels, big sound. More in the vein of Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister or New York Dolls, than Ramones, The Clash or Dead Kennedys, they are above all else funny and fun—at least they appeal to this writer’s sense of humour.

They are a four-piece group, with Anita Drink on vocals, The Shredder on guitar, Citizen Pain on bass, and Tom Petersen keeping it all together on drums. According to their Facebook page they are: “QUEER, LOUD, PROUD ! f**k you, f**k, goddamn, what a f**king disaster, rock, blood, loudness, punk punk punk as f**k f**k f**k, wetness in all the right places, more rock, a party in your pants that we love cum to!…we are the beginning of the end of what rock was and will be…”

Indulge and enjoy your inner confusions with “Mann Oder Frau.”

But what about the music, you ask? Under the glitter and the outrageous costumes, can they actually play? In short, yes. Yes, they can. They are tight and know their way around a good lick and produce some massive riffs. On the current album, New Wig! No Rules!, stand out tracks include “Mann Oder Frau,” “Eye Am Rock and Roll,“ “Dirty Little Secret,” and, my favourite, “Vagina Jolie.”

This is a band I’m pleased to have discovered and will be keen to follow whatever they do next. I wouldn’t mind catching them live either, as I suspect they would go off!

New Wig! No Rules! Track Listing:

01. Money Shot
02. Vagina Jolie
03. #Worldonfire
04. Scream Baby Scream
05. Dog Nose Summer
06. Animal in My hair
07. Eye Am Rock n Roll
08. Dirty Little Secret
09. As Long as I Got a Face
10. Mann Oder Frau
11. Afraid of Love

Run Time: 38:07
Release Date: January 11, 2020
Record Label: Eat Lipstick

Stare straight into “Eye Am Rock n Roll.”