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Brooklyn’s THE EXITS Get Rawer with Their New Song “Double Crosser” [Premiere]

Brooklyn, New York just seems to be a bottomless ocean of outstanding rock music. You can add The Exits to that massive list as emphasized by the debut of their brand new song “Double Crosser.”



Brooklyn, New York just seems to be a bottomless ocean of outstanding rock music. And that fact has remained true now for over half of a century. You can add The Exits to this growing list, an indie rock trio ready to release their brand new EP. The Exits are a band that we already know and love and you can check out our previous coverage of the band right here. From that EP comes the track “Double Crosser,” one of the rawest songs the group has ever recorded. You can find the single starting tomorrow, as well as other music from The Exits via Spotify.

“Double Crosser” was actually one of the first tracks that The Exits recorded when they got together in 2018, but they chose to put it on the shelf in favour of some more polished material. It had already become well-known as a fixture at the band’s live shows and that energy and excitement they feel from their live audience while performing the song is something that helped in them deciding to actually record it. The results speak for themselves, as The Exits are able to transpose that live energy into a well-produced studio version of the track.

Listen to The Exits at their rawest with their brand new track “Double Crosser.”

With a quick comment on the subject matter behind “Double Crosser,” the band said, “‘Double Crosser’ is about mutually assured destruction as communication breaks down between lovers. Ironically, both parties act out defensively, as they suspect the other of betraying them. They’re both double-crossers.”

The Exits have an interesting history, one that is unconventional for a band of their pedigree. The trio initially tried their hand at hip-hop under the name DownBeat Keys while the members attended Hamilton College. They eventually made the wise decision to refocus their efforts and discovered their niche as an indie rock act. Lead singer and guitarist Jared X and drummer Ryan “Cal” Calabrese met bassist Tom Harrison which helped in solidifying their sound. You can hear the inspirations of that vintage New York style of rock n’ roll grounded in their music, with hints of The Strokes and The Velvet Underground firmly placed in their catchy melodies. With their sound and style still developing, The Exits promise to carry on the traditions of all who came before them in New York City.

Listen to more of The Exits with the recently released “Run” here:

Interpret the artwork for “Double Crosser” whichever way that makes sense to you:

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