Canada’s revered queen of punk rock, Bif Naked has unveiled yet another new project, this time her own organic CBD brand, The Platinum-selling musician is known for her unrelenting work ethic (she’s an author, songwriter, manager, producer, and human and animal rights activist) and this new venture comes as no surprise.

The online store saw its North American debut last fall and specializes in, according to their website, “premium organic, triple lab tested and verified all-hemp cannabidiol.” As the brand continues to see more demand and success, expansion will continue this February (UK, Europe) and April (Australia, New Zealand).

Bif has had her own share of health tribulations, tackling breast cancer, heart surgery, and kidney failure. As such, it makes perfect sense that new company prides “themselves as a company that leads with integrity.”

Bif has a wicked message for you: “I Love Myself Today!”

Bif notes, “So many people, including myself, are used to popping over-the-counter drugs for almost everything. There’s a long list of issues that keep us from thriving, all while lining the pockets of companies pushing unnatural pharmaceuticals on us, and our families. And yet, it’s absolutely no secret that CBD, according to real-life testimonials, has the proven potential to positively affect these issues, and many more.

“I enjoy speaking directly to health care professionals regarding patient advocacy, as well as to patients and families who are surviving and thriving. They are all my mentors… They inspire me. I believe in the goodness of people, and in everyone’s ability to move forward, taking care of each other, and getting stronger together.

“In that, we want to ensure the benefits of CBD are available to everyone, no matter their socioeconomic status,” she continues. “There’s a lot of price gouging in the CBD world and one thing important to me is the belief that great health should be available to every single person within communities around the world, not just an elite market who can afford specialty products and services.”

Mona Lisa Healing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of iGEN Ventures Corp.

Mona Lisa Healing 750mg Organic Hemp CBD (30mL) — $79.99 CAD
Mona Lisa Healing 1500mg Organic Hemp CBD (30mL) — $119.00 CAD
Mona Lisa Healing 3000mg Organic Hemp CBD (30mL) — $199.99 CAD

Bif Naked joins My Hand Is Cold for a chat about Vaginas, Veganism & Very Many Tattoos:


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