Really, who the hell doesn’t love Batman? Even if you hate comic books, and there are a lot of you, you probably have a fairly decent opinion of Batman. You may hate Superman because you think he’s corny (he does go around in tights and a silly red cape), or you may dislike Spiderman because he’s typically portrayed as an annoying, skinny, good looking young nerd type who shoots spiderwebbing out of his wrists. But you probably don’t harbour these same negative feelings towards Batman. Even if you’re on the fence, you probably don’t have any strong dislike for him.

Well, there are some who like Batman, and then there are some who LOVE Batman. Enter guitarist Danger Dirk 3000, aka Dirk Scharsich of power metal band Victorius. The man has a total man-crush on the Caped Crusader. To the point where he has Batman collectables and merchandise throughout his home. He’s also a Batman expert and possesses deep knowledge of the Dark Knight’s many adventures and attributes. But we’ll get back to the real reason we’re talking about Batman in a moment.

Victorius is excited to be releasing their new album Space Ninjas From Hell on January 17th via Napalm Records. The record conjoins ancient Samurai stories with intergalactic mystery to create an album like no other. Musically, it combines the cinematic mastery of Gloryhammer with the power of Dragonforce to create its own original sound.

Check out the official music video for “Super Sonic Samurai” here:

There’s a fun little concept that runs through the album’s tracks, at which the album title hints. It’s about a group of powerful ninjas who reside in space, unbeknownst to humanity. They possess both high-level weapon and ninja skills and are essentially the most powerful beings in the universe. We won’t give away the rest, you’ll just have to listen to fuel your curiosity. All we can say further is that Space Ninjas From Hell is filled with scorching power metal anthems about the most intergalactic space adventure you could ever think of. It’ll transport you to a world of Japanese stories and frightening conceptions of space ninjas.

In light of the fast-approaching release of Space Ninjas From Hell, and guitarist Danger Dirk 3000’s love for all things Batman, Dirk has graced us today with his Top 5 ninja characters which he believes could have a chance at successfully taking on Batman in combat. Read on as you learn more about who may pose a serious challenge to the Dark Knight, if the situation ever arose.

Danger Dirk 3000: “I need to preface this by saying that of course, no one would ever beat Batman in a fight! Especially not ninjas, because Batman had his own ninja education, which means that he has all the ninja-skills to defeat a ninja in battle! But if I had to choose, here’s who I think could try to take on Batman.”

Victorius’ new album Space Ninjas From Hell will be released January 17th, via Napalm Records.

01. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
– They all have different skills and abilities which could be a serious problem for Batman when they’re combined. I guess a single Ninja Turtle would not have a chance but united they could take on the Dark Knight. Just this year there was an animated movie released called Batman Vs. TMNT.

02. Scorpion & Sub Zero of Mortal Kombat
– It’s the same as with the Turtles. A single ninja would probably lose against Batman, but if they combine their powers, it might be realistic that Batman could be defeated. They are no normal ninjas. They have supernatural skills, which could be a problem when it comes to a fight.

03. Lego Ninjago Ninjas
– Sounds funny, but I imagine this would really happen. Batman is a huge thing in the Lego world and in the Lego movies, so are the Ninjago characters. I know that Lego Batman has a solution, weapon and vehicle for every problem he faces, but there are a lot of these Ninjago guys and every one of them has his own giant dragon, I think. So as I’ve said several times before, together they could take on the Batman.

04. Ninja Gaiden
– A very nasty and relentless killer, even though he’s a good guy actually. As far as I remember, he does not have any superpowers, but rather an arsenal of cool ninja-weapons and incredible fighting skills. It could be tough for Batman if they would meet.

05. Chuck Norris
– Speaking about Mr. Action Hero himself, he is probably the only “real” person who can battle Batman. He’s a martial arts master and a true legend. I would die to see a fight between Chuck Norris and Batman. There is this old action movie called Octagon where Chuck Norris plays a Ninja… of course, he defeats everyone else!

Also included on Space Ninjas From Hell, check out the lyric video for “Shuriken Showdown:“


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