Drink Beer, Fuck Life, Smoke Pot. Are we missing anything else that’s important? Hmm, no, don’t think so. Punk rockers The Good The Bad and The Zugly (GBZ) are back with their fourth record, Algorithm & Blues (due out January 17th), carrying the torch onward with their pitch-black humour and important words of wisdom. Thanks to us and the band, you can listen now, but we suggest you pre-order the album now via Fysisk Format. The guys entered the writing and recording process for Algorithm & Blues on a high after the success of their last outing, Misanthropical House, which even earned them a Norwegian Grammy Award. Do not be mistaken here. You are now dealing with big shots when you’re talking GBZ.

Although they try to let on otherwise, this Norwegian quintet are really just a bunch of loudmouths at heart who like to yell and hide behind their carefully made self-importance. They were able to tear themselves away from their narcissistic feelings for at least a few moments to write and record for you Algorithm & Blues, an album that offers a false and easily rejected point of view that they have stopped looking in the broken mirror and changed their focus towards more important and present-day world issues. But let’s be honest here, this is all just a big facade for what lies behind, key word being lies, as in these are all just a bunch of concocted lies. But not to worry, at least the music is damn good and makes up for all the phoniness!

Buy into the lies with the new single “Corporate Rock” from The Good the Bad and the Zugly:

Recorded, mixed and produced alongside Anders Nordengren, Algorithm & Blues puts The Good, The Bad and The Zugly’s best foot forward. It’ll make you wonder, what the hell is going on in Scandinavia? At least there is some talent and experience behind the facade, with singer Ivar Nikolaisen, formerly of Silver and the new vocalist for the well-known and well-respected Kvelerak. Other members come from Kosmik Boogie Tribe, Wonderfools, The Devil and the Almighty Blues. So if you enjoy a bunch of loudmouths and you’ve been a listener of skate punk for some time, well, then we may have a band you can dig.

Speaking of the music and album, the band commented: “What is rock? It used to be dumb, it used to be juvenile, adolescent, magnificent. It used to be prophetic, megalomanic, beer soaked and party insistent, naive and fantastically apathetic. These days GBZ have found themselves caught in the web of the never-resting entrepreneur, the soldier of Corporate Rock working around the clock to secure profits and maximize utility. What used to be a way of avoiding employment in favor of hard drinking has turned into a monstrous working machine where steady cash flow, insurance claims, copyright lawsuits and meeting agendas have come to color the tableau of day to day band life. People say that rock is dead. Its not. Business just took its place instead.”

Check out the music video for “Nav or Never,“ taken from the Roy D Stroy split with HEWHOCANNNOTBENAMED (Dwarves):

There’s lots of good, bad and zugly in the artwork for Algorithm & Blues:


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