Sky Terminal is a Toronto-based duo comprised of Marcel Preston and Scott Mason. With one Juno nomination under their belt, these guys specialize in melodic indie-pop that takes flight with sparkling instrumentals and Preston’s captivating vocals. They recently dropped their newest single “PARADISE” (check it out on Spotify and Apple Music), and they are now offering the new tune as a free high-quality MP3 download. If you love inspiring, hopeful power-pop that hits all the right top 40 spots you can ask for, Sky Terminal is right up your alley.

On “Paradise,” Marcus says, “The song really got started around an idea that was knocking around my brain. The idea that something better is waiting for us around each corner is great, but what does it look like to actually make what we currently have into our own little paradise. To fall in love with the present again, and to make the most out of the life that is right in front of us.”

The track is buoyed by a rippling bass line that gives way to the uplifting choruses while Preston calls for listeners to make their own paradise in the present. It never hurts to feel good every once in a while, so enjoy your own “Paradise” with the guys from Sky Terminal.

Paradise Track Listing:

2. Never Giving Up
3. Billion Stars

Here’s the track “Never Giving Up,” also from the Paradise release.

Artwork for ‘Paradise Art’ by Sky Terminal