Pixies (w/ Ice Cream) at The Phoenix Concert Theatre (Toronto, Ontario) on December 12, 2019

Pixies fans in Toronto showed up in full force the other night to a sold-out performance at The Phoenix Concert Theatre. It was hot and steamy inside even before showtime, with fans standing elbow to elbow and drinking up a storm in order to stay hydrated. Due to the ever more frequent border crossing problems, the originally scheduled opener Kristin Hersh had to abruptly cancel. Toronto’s Ice Cream were the last minute replacements.

The duo, composed of Carlyn Bezic and Amanda Crist, did a pretty good job at getting the festivities underway, I’d say. It was kind of a rock/pop/synth sound, with the two talented females switching back and forth on vocals during their set.

Check out a sample of some Ice Cream with their music video for the song “Peanut Butter”:

A quick intermission gave smokers a chance to outside and cool down, and drinkers to go to the bar and well…cool down. The Pixies formed in Boston, Massachusetts, now over three decades ago. With unrivalled experience and dedicated support from their fans, they hit the stage to a roar of approval from concertgoers. With a two-hour set and a playlist of almost 40 songs, the band wasted no time getting down to business.

Singer and acoustic guitarist Black Francis, guitarist Joey Santiago, bassist Paz Lenchantin (formerly of A Perfect Circle, and Zwan), and drummer David Lovering wasted no time on idle chit-chat, it was simply song after song of great tunes, spanning their long, storied, influential career.

There were a lot of dark moments as in (no lights), then lots of red light, and a little bit of fog thrown in just to make a photographers job next to impossible. But the music was good. And isn¤t that all that really matters in the end?

From Pixies’ latest album Beneath The Eyrie, watch the music video “Long Rider”:

Pixies Toronto Setlist:

01. Cactus
02. Where Is My Mind?
03. Wave Of Mutilation
04. Here Comes Your Man
05. All The Saints
06. Ana
07. Death Horizon
08. Brick Is Red
09. Winterlong
10. Gouge Away
11. Blown Away
12. Bel Esprit
13. Break My Body
14. Crackity Jones
15. Isla de Encanta
16. Something Against You
17. Rock Music
18. Los Surfers Muertos
19. Long Rider
20. Caribou
21. Planet Of Sound
22. This Is My Fate
23. Catfish Kate
24. In The Arms Of Mrs. Mark Of Cain
25. Bird Of Prey
26. Ready For Love
27. Vamos
28 Daniel Boone
29. Silver Bullet
30. Velouria
31. Havelina
32. Snakes
33. Hey
34. On Graveyard Hill
35. Cecilia Ann
36. St. Nazaire
37. Debaser
38. Bone Machine

Pixies’ seventh studio album Beneath The Eyrie was released on September 13th, 2019, via BMG/Infectious Records: