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I’ll Get By – “No Hope” [Free Song Download]

Dutch melodic hardcore quintet I’ll Get By are offering their bristling, angsty track “No Hope“ – off of ‘Tiny Room’, released November 15th 2019 – as a free mp3 download that all fans of the genre will be sure to appreciate.



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Formed in 2018, in Utrecht, Netherlands, I’ll Get By is a melodic hardcore quintet who recently released their debut EP, Tiny Room. Inspired by bands like Counterparts and Pianos Become the Teeth (and sounding a lot like emocore heavyweights Touché Amoré), I’ll Get By rock their own flavour of hardcore that will definitely appeal to die-hard fans of the genre. There’s screaming, speed, riffs, breakdowns, and spoken word confessionals; it’s melodic hardcore, for sure.

In an effort to introduce more listeners to their tunes, these guys are offering their track “No Hope” as a free mp3 download. As per the band’s vocalist, Jesse, “‘No Hope’ is about a cycle of escapism and procrastination. When I feel depressed, I tend to lock myself away from the world in my tiny room. This is where the name of our debut EP came from. I would try to calm down and rest, but instead overthink about everything making me only feel worse. Making me feel like a huge disappointment and burden to everyone around me. I think this is the best song we’ve put out yet. It’s basically the anthem of the EP.”

Stop “Worrying” and listen to I’ll Get By.

“No Hope” is a powerful track, bristling with great riffage and angsty energy before breaking off into sparse, ruminative sections of relief which really accent the band’s deft knack for exploring the full range of their chosen genre. If you like melodic-hardcore, or are looking for a nice introduction to that world, I’ll Get By are your ticket. Check the song out and find a groove to outlet your frustrations.

Tiny Room Track Listing:

01. Tragedy
02. No Hope
03. Worth It
04. Hesitation
05. Worrying
06. Your Arrow

Tiny Room released on November 15, 2019.