Minneapolis punks Supportive Parents are fresh off the release of their newest EP, Could Be Worse (stream it on Spotify and Apple Music). The third release for the group, the EP is a five-track explosion of emphatic punk rock, with heavy melodic and pop punk tendencies, embedded in the realities of every day life and the way it tends to grind you to the floor. But somehow it’s still pretty fun.

If you’re digging their tunes, get pumped, because Supportive Parents have lent us their vocalist Matt Webster to run down Could Be Worse in this honest and biting Guest Blog feature in a style harmonious with the group’s rowdy persona. Take it away, Matt.

Supportive Parents On Could Always Be Worse:

– The EP is about living a life that’s going to complete shit and trying to keep things together. It’s about waking up every morning to hate the choices you made the night before and needing to face the consequences.

The record’s title is ‘Could Be Worse’ and, in its ten-minute run time, we blast through all sorts of ways life can straight up dump on you, and the various ways we deal with said horse-shit. I don’t sleep well. It could be argued I drink too much. I feel like I’m angry and sad lot a lot. People in our lives fuck us over and there’s nothing we can do about it. With that said, the title is also a bit tongue-in-cheek and stems from our ability to put a positive positive spin on anything. We’re just out here trying to have a good time through all of it.

“Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One” (check the video on Facebook) kicks it off and is a jam about a snake-ass lying piece of shit. “Shoulda/Woulda/Coulda” is about a doomed love interest that everyone said would fuck you over and sure-as-shit does. “Groundhog Day“ is about the feeling that every day is just a repeat of the tedious day before. “Vicious Shit Cycle“ is a song about fear and anxiety-based insomnia. Our buddy Aaron Weseman (Disembodied/Pyralis) laid down the guest vocals, helping the song mirror what the lyrics are about. “All My Friends Do Drugs“ closes things out and is about always having some sort of excuse to get fucked up when everyone you know parties too hard.

Sometimes all the bullshit is just like a “Boomerang” you can’t throw away.

A lot of this material comes from things I feel or situations I’ve encountered, but there are still chunks of material that are written from my own empathetic viewpoint of a friend or acquaintance who’s been through something tough. You’d be surprised how much you can process by writing about someone else’s problems.

Now, this is not to say that we aren’t a bunch of happy, put-together dudes. These songs are all written as a way to purge all this negative energy we encounter every day. We write fast, aggressive songs with catchy, upbeat hooks, which I think is a great parallel to the kind of guys we are. Anyone who’s encountered our live show has seen us blast through angry songs, and crack jokes between. Not to perpetuate an age old cliche, but it’s definitely cathartic to get all this garbage out so we can focus on being positive people. This is the kindest, most nurturing group of guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of making music with, and the foundation of this band is friendship and support. I’d like to think that shows through our music. Oh, and beer. A large part of that foundation is also beer.

All in all, I try not to overthink the record. I say just crack a cold one and listen to it loud.

Could Be Worse dropped October 18th.