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GINO AND THE GOONS Run ‘Off The Rails’ with Their New Track “On My Way” [Song Premiere]

Out soon via Big Neck Records, Detroit garage rock staples Gino and The Goons are teasing their upcoming album Off The Rails with their speedy new single, “On My Way.”



You read that headline right. Gino and The Goons have a new album and it’s totally Off The Rails! Fast, loose and loud are about the only three words you need to describe the forthcoming new record which is due out via Big Neck Records on December 13th. Fans can pre-order the record now via the label’s official Bandcamp page.

Off The Rails couldn’t make for a better album name for this latest offering from Gino and his group of goons. It’s a tight, ten-song blast of garage rock delivered with a punk rock mentality. Perhaps the strongest aspect of the record is that it doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t, and ensures that it never comes across as pretentious or conceited. It’s content to live in all of its rock n’ roll glory, drawing from the past, staying true to itself and never being afraid to just keep the party going until everyone passes out.

Get ready to go Off The Rails with Gino and The Guns’ “On My Way:”

An integral aspect of Off The Rails maintaining its garage rock integrity throughout was the assistance of the well-known Jim Diamond who mixed and mastered the record. Diamond is revered among the Detroit rock community, both as the bassist for The Dirtbombs, an influential garage rock unit, and also as the engineer for the first two White Stripes records, acting as a huge contributor to the near-legendary duo honing its sound.

One of the highlights of Off The Rails is the Detroit punk-influenced guitar slugfest “On My Way.” If you had to find one song that acted as a perfect example of the Detroit garage sound, you would pick this track. It’s that definitive. Carried by its piercing guitar riff, “On My Way” will make you feel like you’re listening to a band literally jamming in their garage and somehow you wound up as their special guest. It’s heavy. It’s distorted. It’s definitely loose. And most of all, it will rock your socks straight off.

We’re telling you, “You Won’t Get Away With Murder.” Check out this music video from Gino and The Goons from their Shake It LP:

With a special comment regarding the new album, Gambino himself stated, “Off The Rails is a perfect way to end the year, end the decade and end this chapter of the Goons. If you followed this band longer than fifteen minutes you know changes are a-coming. After twelve years only one Goons (incarnation) lasted longer than four years. The rest were less, way less. They all factor in in important ways, though. Though I put my name in the band for a reason I still like input from others and to have this feel as much as a band as it can.

This album was definitely a band record. But so were all the others. I feel all the records are the same but different. So maybe your favourite song isn’t on this one, or your favorite drummer isn’t playing on this one. Whatever the reason I feel they all sit nicely next to one another. Complaints? Sure I got them, but why nitpick? I love them all and I’m always excited about the next one. Actually, I’m more excited for the next one than I ever have been. Rock n’ roll is in my veins, my blood, it’s in my very soul! Sure, you probably smoke, drink and eat more than me. Does that make you more rock n’ roll than me? Think whatever you want just stay outta my way ’cause I got shit to do. Long live rock n’ roll! Long live Gino and whatever band of Goons he’s lucky enough to bring with him. Watch out for road shows coming soon. #Goons2020.”

Check out the artwork for Gino and The Goons’ brand new record Off The Rails:

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