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GEVA to Release Concept EP Based on Bestselling Crime Novel ‘Reprobation’

Heavy metal band GEVA are set to release a new concept EP inspired by Reprobation, the best-selling series of Gothic crime/thriller books by Catherine Fearns.



From Coleridge to Cannibal Corpse, Tennyson to Testament, heavy metal has had a long-standing love affair with literature – countless bands, albums and songs have been inspired by books. In 2018 Catherine Fearns turned the tables by writing a novel inspired by heavy metal. Reprobation is a gothic crime thriller in which a melodic death metal band becomes embroiled in a terrifying murder case. Reprobation went on to become a best-selling series of books that captured the attention of metalhead readers the world over. And now the tables have turned again, with GEVA’s new concept EP inspired by Reprobation itself.

GEVA met as two high school nerds who shared a love of metal & rock music, sports and video games. For over three decades GEVA has been jamming and recording music for themselves, but in 2019 came the time to release their first concept EP. An album inspired by the novel Reprobation. An album influenced by bands like Paradise Lost, Sentenced, Swallow The Sun and Woods of Ypres, Reprobation places the listener in front of some of the most gruesome scenes of the book. US-based artist, Brett Fuentes, guests on this album and his multidimensional vocal tones paint graphic pictures of murder scenes and action-packed chapters of Fearns’ book. Alex Tzanetos lends his graphic design skills to support this EP. Grab a headset and listen to the layers of music taking you to the heart of Liverpool, the setting of Reprobation. Keep your lights on and doors open. This is not the end.

Reprobation Track Listing:

01. The Beast Within
02. Reprobation
03. Sinners
04. Out Of Death Comes Life
05. OS1
06. Unconscious (This is Not The End)

Check out the cover for the upcoming album:

And also check out the cover for the book on which the EP is based:

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