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FREE VICES – “Wild” [Free Song Download]

LA-based alt-rockers Free Vices are offering their energetic tune “Wild” – off of the eleven-song album Tracks – as a free mp3 download, so grab the file and find some time to get…well, wild.



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LA-based Free Vices are an alt-rock quartet with an earnest tendency for direct, streamlined tunes that ooze rock ‘n’ roll purity. Mixing indie, pop and rock styles, these guys are multifaceted and broad, but it all boils down to the feel of the tunes; the genre is just a medium. As an introduction to their good-times music, Free Vices are offering their song “Wild,” off of the recently released Tracks, as a free mp3 download. The eleven-track record is a chill-but-grooving effort, and “Wild“ is an excellent barometer for the album as a whole.

On the song, Free Vices offer the following insight: “This track was written by Eric during an alcohol infused writing session. When first written, it was all guitar until Kirk brought it to Pro Tools and added the vocal line. What they ended up creating together created a punk rock vibe and as Kirk explained, ’it feels like a madman coming at you.’”

“Wild” itself is a raucous two-minute tune propped up by guitars and catchy leads accented with synths. It kicks the record off in great fashion, reeling listeners in with an indefatigable energy that bleeds through the rest of the tracks. Frankly, we all need some extra energy some days, so download the tune and get “Wild” with Free Vices.

Tracks Track Listing:

01. Wild
02. For Today
03. Tracing Lines
04. Eric’s Drinking Song
05. Free
06. Horizon
07. Time to Go
08. Headlights
09. Blue Skies
10. Holdin’
11. Homecoming

The album dropped released October 18th, 2019.