Following the May 30th release of their debut single “Place Emotion Here,” Calgary, Alberta-based metal quintet Diamonds On Neptune return with their second single, a rock-leaning ditty called “Catawampus.” We say rock-leaning as this group of musicians mix several diverse musical influences (hardcore, pop-punk, heavy metal, metalcore) for a sound that continues to vary with each new song.

This said, most of you are probably asking yourselves “guys, what the heck is a Catawampus?” Well, this is what the band had to say, “Catawampus is an interesting word that also means askew or awry, but it also means fierce and savage. With so many interpretations of the same word and very little knowledge of the origins of the word, these characteristics resemble the struggles of anxiety. We seem to understand so little and it affects us in so many ways, it takes many different forms. This song is about those feelings and those sensations.”

Without further ado, please stream the “Catawampus” single right here:

This new band is making moves and quickly climbing their local underground scene’s ranks with quality music, and solid live performances. In fact, ahead of the holidays, local heavy music fans should take note of Diamonds On Neptune’s upcoming show at Calgary’s Broken City on December 22nd. And, if that’s not enough pre-Holiday cheer, the group confirmed that 2020 will see them release a steady flow of new tracks.

As for the lack of an album and laser-focus on quality music, the group recently shared, “We think our releases should reach fans on a personal level. That what they are hearing isn’t something they’ve heard before, but is something unique that they can feel was shaped through real experiences and affection towards trying to translate emotions into something people could immediately feel upon hearing.”

In order to “Place Emotion Here,” just hit play!

Unsure what a “Catawampus” is? Maybe the single’s cover artwork will help.


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