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DANNY DE LA ROSA Unveils His Scorching New “Acid Flame” Lyric Video [Premiere]

Former Babylon AD guitarist Danny De La Rosa is unleashing a scorching “Acid Flame” with the release of his brand new lyric video off his solo debut 12 Weekends.



Musician Danny De La Rosa is dropping an “Acid Flame” on you today with the release of his brand new lyric video. The song (which you can pre-order now) is the first single from De La Rosa’s debut solo album 12 Weekends, set for release on December 20th. A perfect way to close off the year, “Acid Flame” teases what’s to be found on the album when it drops in early 2020. The song is being released in conjunction with a bonus track De La Rosa has also been hiding up his sleeve titled “The Mirror.” With a short comment on “Acid Flame,” the solo artist said, “The inspiration for (the song) came from the memories of trying to sleep when I had a fever or the flu. It sucks so bad and the nighttime is never-ending.” All you have to do is think of the last time you had a fever or the flu to know what he’s talking about!

You may be wondering where De La Rosa came up with the album title 12 Weekends. The recording of the album was not exactly an easy process, requiring a lot of time and effort invested. It required “12 weekends” of travelling to the American Made Studios in Fresno, California for him to record the album in its entirety, a long, drawn-out process that took a lot of energy to get there and back, as well as the actual time spent at the studio trying to be not only creative but productive as well.

Watch your eyes… Here comes that “Acid Flame”:

Although he continues to learn and find his way as a musician, De La Rosa is already very experienced at his craft. Experienced and skilled enough that he was auditioned to replace Ace Frehley when Frehley left the legendary rock group KISS. De La Rosa also had the chance to jam with the rest of KISS, an unforgettable experience that helped gain him more confidence as an artist. Another confidence booster came in the form of legendary record mogul Clive Davis choosing three songs that De La Rosa wrote while at Arista Records which all charted well on radio.

De La Rosa has always found his own way as a musician, never being handed anything that he didn’t work very hard to achieve. He’s been attracted to guitar and melody since he was a child which led him into songwriting and teaching himself how to play guitar. Good things eventually came as De La Rosa was formerly the guitarist for longtime San Francisco hard rockers Babylon AD! Babylon AD were flying high in the early 1990s, thanks to three #1 singles on hard rock radio and their debut self-titled album achieving gold status. De La Rosa left the band in 2017 to more seriously pursue his own music and his own personal development. He was intent on doing things his own way, learning new instruments, getting better at the ones he already knew how to play, and creating his own brand of rock-pop. Despite his near 30 year career and all the success that it has included, De La Rosa continues to grow and learn as an artist, never content with staying in neutral.


This is quite the unique grouping of “individuals.” Check out the artwork for the new record 12 Weekends:

12 Weekends Track Listing:

01. Acid Flame
02. Third Wheel Man
03. It’s Alright It’s OK
04. The Mirror
05. The Secret
06. You Bring Me Down
07. Leave It Alone
08. So Low
09. As Weak As I Am
10. Downtown Slide
11. It’s Alright It’s OK (Borracho Version)

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