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Cardiac Half Interview on Their New Video “City Lights”



Atlanta, GA-based alternative indie-pop duo Cardiac Half recently released a new single, and accompanying music video, called “City Lights” – a smoothly delicious and emotive, indie alt-pop song from the emerging duo. Set against the backdrop of a bustling city, the rest of the world is closed out, and there’s only tonight to live for.

Cardiac Half presents a slow-pulsing, yet powerful melody for an intensely emotional track that follows the intense surge of exploring new love. Lucky for us, they took a few minutes to answer our questions…. check them out below!

Tell us about how you got started as Cardiac Half?

Drew Miller: “Dylan and I had always wanted to make music for a living, but we didn’t really know how to get started. We had each been a part of different bands or projects prior to Cardiac Half and were both wanting to join forces as soon as he graduated college and moved back. One day, he told me that a booking company was interested in booking me for a show, but I didn’t want to go the solo route. We immediately put a team together and created Cardiac Half, played the show, and began playing more shows after that.”

Why did you choose the name Cardiac Half?

“Interestingly enough, Dylan has a heart condition known as aortic regurgitation hence the ‘Cardiac.’ I’m deaf in my left ear, so technically I can only hear ‘half’ of what everyone else can. There’s also a quote by St. Augustine that we associate with our name: ‘Our hearts are restless until they find rest in You.’ We love that because, at the end of the day, nothing can satisfy us the way that knowing the love of Jesus can.”

Where did the idea for “City Lights” come from?

“We love to travel, and whenever we go through Atlanta at night, the city is just breathtaking, almost surreal in a sense. I wanted to try and capture that moment so that other people could hear what it was I was seeing.”

What’s your favorite lyrical line in the song?

“I like the disparity between verse 1 and verse 2. You can see how the city resembles a living organ in lines like ‘The freeway opens up / The rush is done and taillights flow like blood through the veins of the city / Bringing life to the city’ in verse 1. Compare that to verse 2 in which the city is dying: ‘Yeah, every city light is like a human life / A myriad / And we’ll burn out in time’ and the line that talks about the power grid going down. The idea is that love can be found in the good times and in the bad times.”

Artwork for “City Lights” by Cardiac Half

Where do you draw musical inspiration from?

“We’re inspired by our own personal stories or even the stories of other people. Of course, we embellish it a little so that others can relate to it. And like how I wrote ‘City Lights,’ visuals play a huge role in our songwriting as well. If you pay close attention, you may find apocalyptic scenarios or even conspiracy theories in our lyrics too!”

What’s next for Cardiac Half?

“Well, we’re excited because we’re working toward releasing an LP in 2020. We’re in the process of writing a few more songs for its completion, and we’ll even be dropping some music videos early next year to promote it. Can’t wait to share the new music we have with our fans and anybody who wants to listen.”

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