It’s been a quick and unpredictable rise, but the duo known as Calloway Circus are showing talent and wisdom well beyond their years. Composed of 21-year-old lead singer Ben McGuiness and 19-year-old drummer Tyler Andrew, the Circus has developed quickly and it’s as lively as ever. The dudes are excited to be releasing their brand new music video for “Unpredictable,” a single off of their forthcoming record Entropy. The recording’s second single and follow up to lead track “Gray,” this is another early taste of what to expect from Entropy, which is due on Valentine’s Day 2020.

A song with a serious tone, “Unpredictable” is relatable to anyone as they grow and move into the different stages of their life. As McGuiness explains, “‘Unpredictable’ is about losing somebody who was a big part of your life. Either they’re gone forever, or at least not in your life anymore. I really wanted this song to speak to people, as I wrote it about losing a relationship with my best friend. I looked to modern emo icons like Lil Peep and Nothing,Nowhere for the first half of the song, but then looked back to my roots of My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday to make the end of the song as emotional as possible.”

Check out the talents of Calloway Circus on their new music video for “Unpredictable”:

There’s plenty more to soon come on Entropy, produced in tandem by Jeff McKinnon and Evan Seeberger. A few of the album’s tracks were mixed Jimmy Alexander, lead singer of Awaken I Am and another person whom Calloway Circus has already impressed. As a collection, Entropy touches on personal hardship and how to progress through it even in the worst of times. McGuiness largely recorded the album for himself, but he, with the help of his partner in crime Andrew have made a relatable album that seeks to evoke a reaction out of you. This isn’t party music; it’s music that’s meant to make you feel something, whether it be happy or sad, high or low. It’s about being in touch with your own reality and being human.

This is kind of a second “run” of sorts for Calloway Circus. McGuiness started the project in his teenage years in 2015 and actually released two albums under the name Calloway Circus. Despite the qualities in those songs on those records and the people who connected with them, McGuiness felt that they were unrepresentative of what he wanted Calloway Circus to be all about and as of now, they are no longer publicly available. By 2018, original drummer Alec Lewis was moving on to start college and had played his final show as Calloway Circus. Soon after, McGuiness received a Facebook message from Andrew who had been at that final performance asking if he’d be interested if he would be interested in rekindling Calloway Circus. After one meeting, the two agreed to carry on with Calloway Circus and reinvent it in their own way. That’s exactly what they’ve done with Unpredictable as the new era of Calloway Circus is well underway, ready to take 2020 by storm.

Filmed in much the same fashion as “Unpredictable,” check out the music video for Entropy’s first single “Gray”:

Check out the passionate artwork for Entropy:


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