When Tsunami Bomb reformed in 2015, the band’s small but dedicated fan base were overjoyed and waited patiently for a new album. Although they got Trust No One in 2016, it was a compilation release and new material did not, well, materialise. That is, until now, 15 years since the release of 2014’s The Definitive Act.

The Spine That Binds is a fine return to form for the band, and new lead singer Kate Jacobi does an excellent job of upholding the group’s sound and history while making things her own. The album opens with “Tidal,” a tune with all the hallmarks of a great punk track; the catchy riffs build up and it’s a full 40 seconds or so before Jacobi spits out some gritty lyrics in her equally gritty, yet feminine style. Completing the song are the gang-style vocals, which will surely become a battle cry at their shows.

This leads into “Naysayers,” a fine example of the band doing some of their best work; it’s fast-paced right from the get-go with possibly the catchiest keyboarding heard in years. The chorus is another perfect example of the group’s ability to write high-posed, angry, sing-along lyrics. “The Hathors” and “Sinkhole” continue this trend, further cementing the fact that Tsunami Bomb are still in top form and have not let the passage of time slow them down.

This video is for all those “Naysayers” out there:

“Dead Men Can’t Catcall” slows the tempo down slightly, but not by much. That said, it is a welcome breather after such an intense start to the album. The same can be allied to “Phosphene,” which maintains a much more chilled-out vibe when compared to the the first half of The Spine That Binds.

When I first heard 2002’s The Great Escape, I was blown away by the energy of each and every tune, and even spread the word about the awesome punk band that, for me, had come out of the blue. Sadly only a few years later the group was no more and began to fade from memory. Thankfully, this has been entirely reversed and it now feels like they are truly back and soon to grace stages. We can only hope live shows and more music are on the way.

The Spine That Binds Track Listing:

01. Tidal
02. Naysayers
03. The Hathors
04. Sinkhole
05. Petaluma
06. Dead Men Can’t Catcall
07. Phosphene
08. Last Call
09. Lullaby for the End of the World
10. Wake the Dead
11. The Spine That Binds

Run Time: 31:41
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Record label: Alternative Tentacles