Ahead of what promises to be a busy 2020 for the group, Thailand’s leading alternative rock band Slot Machine are set to release a new song “Magic”, and you can check out our exclusive premiere of the song here.

About the song, the band explain: “Even though there is a sense of unrest and hopelessness in the world today, we all need some Magic in our lives.”

Hot on the heels of their last single “Hummingbird”, Slot Face have teamed up with TeamLab to create a stunning video shot entirely in Tokyo’s iconic digital art museum, TeamLab Borderless. Speaking about the collaboration the group said: “We were truly honoured and excited by the opportunity to work with TeamLab. They are creative geniuses and we found them so receptive and supportive in this project. We all stayed up all night to shoot this. It was an amazing experience. Magical.”

Drawing from a myriad of influences ranging from indie, pop, soul and rock, the band whipped up a global buzz with the release of their 2016 offering Spin The World which saw them head out on a 2017 US tour. The band have already posted a teaser in the form of November 2018’s, “Know Your Enemy”, a track which was also the theme song for AIC 2018, hosted by Garena Games / ROV Thailand.

Capitalizing on this new found popularity, the band are set to drop their new album in 2020 with an Asian tour set to preceed this later in 2019.

Jump on the Slot Machine popularity wagon by checking out their brilliant “Know Your Enemy” track here:

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