Toronto R&B/blues artist Sandra Bouza is gearing up for the release of her new album Falling Away From Me on January 25th, and we’re excited to offer a preview in the form of the latest focus track, “Stone Junction.”

Falling Away From Me, produced by Hill Kourkoutis (SATE, Jules), contains a lot of Bouza’s experiences of living, studying and working all over the world over the past decade, and the deeply personal songs allow her stories room to breathe.

The album’s eight tracks together build on the deep grooves of her previous EP Three Years, showing off Sandra’s sultry, soulful vocals. But what really shines through on “Stone Junction” and other standout tracks such as “Almost Love,” “Losing You” and “East Side Woman,” is Sandra’s ability to lyrically examine relationships from all angles—from the thrill of discovery to the fallout of poor decisions. These are songs rooted in hard-earned experience, a badge of honour Sandra wears with pride.

She explains, “I thought I had to give up music at one point, but when I reached sobriety in 2015 I got an offer to work in Morocco full-time doing music and that’s where I did a lot of my healing. It was a gift, and then to be able to come back to Toronto and work on these songs and recordings, that was a gift too.”

But as much as she loved playing other people’s songs in Morocco, Sandra eventually wanted to focus on her own material she’d been amassing since her twenties. That fire was fully stoked during a return trip to Toronto where she met Hill Kourkoutis and felt an instant musical connection.

Unlike her first experience in the studio, Kourkoutis made her feel comfortable and helped her sound evolve. “I really wanted a sparse sound,” Sandra says. “I like space and letting emotion fill it. I kept saying that I wanted everything to be heard, including me.” The Three Years EP—a nod and to her time sober at that point—began a new chapter for Sandra and people began taking notice. In 2019 she won the Toronto Blues Society Talent Search, prompting her to make Toronto her home base once again and to continue building her audience. Now with Falling Away From Me, there’s no holding her back.

Falling Away From Me Track Listing:

01. Almost Love
02. Stone Junction
03. Not Like Me
04. Turn It Up
05. Losing You
06. Human Connection
07. East Side Woman
08. Wrong Songs

Artwork for “Stone Junction’ by Sandra Bouza