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One Watch of this New Art Video and You’ll Be “Down” with MR. ELEVATOR [Premiere]

Mr. Elevator is the solo project of Tomas Dolas, keyboardist of the highly successful garage, psychedelic rock band Oh Sees. Today we are unveiling the exclusive premiere of “Down,” off the upcoming Castle Face Records album Goodbye, Blue Sky.



Mr. Elevator has swung by today to debut their new art video for “Down,” a single off the band’s soon-to-be-released new studio album, Goodbye, Blue Sky (pre-order now via Apple Music). The group is the product of a newly-formed psychedelic rock project created by Tomas Dolas, well-known as the keyboardist of San Francisco psych rock act Oh Sees. While Oh Sees’ history extends back over two decades now, Dolas is a relatively new addition to the group, having just become a permanent member last year. Led by the extremely talented John Dwyer, that band just released their 22nd studio record Face Stabber this past August.

Despite his integral role in Oh Sees, Dolas is as creative as they come which motivated him to form his own side project, Mr. Elevator. An eclectic fusion of psychedelic styles, old and new, Dolas does not hesitate to look back to the era when psychedelic singer-songwriter Donavan was one of the most important and influential musicians in the music industry. Dolas has pulled from his influences and infused them with modern sensibilities that help create a modern musical awareness which keeps Goodbye, Blue Sky feeling fresh. Mr. Elevator takes pride in its throwback sound, without drenching you in ‘60s psychedelia that may make you feel like you just took some LSD and somehow ended up travelling back in time five decades.

Listen to Mr. Elevator’s brand new song “Down:”

“Down” is the follow-up release to “Alone Together,” the first single released off of Goodbye, Blue Sky. In reference to “Down,” Dolas said, “this song was an idea that started on an old upright piano and as it went to be tracked in the studio it transposed into organs, synths, and mellotrons running through all sorts of outboard gear and tape delays and then ultimately significantly slower tape speed playback… Lean back and let the invisible hand of Mr. Elevator escort you heavenwards for a spell… circling higher and higher you see buzzards on the wheel below… then airplanes… when you’re this high above the clouds the air gets thinner, the sky gets blacker, and the only way to go is ‘Down.’”

With the popularity and musical inventiveness that Dolas has tapped into with Mr. Elevator, he is truly a musician who has the best of both worlds; a creative outlet of his own which knows no boundaries and a well established and highly productive band with a solid fanbase to fall back on. Mr. Elevator has also released two previous full-length records to Goodbye, Blue Sky, 2017’s When The Morning Greets You and 2013’s Nico & Her Psychedelic Subconscious. Ensure that you check out both via Mr. Elevator’s official Bandcamp page.

Check out the first single from Goodbye, Blue Sky with the album art video for “Alone Together:”

Goodbye, Blue Sky Track Listing:

01. “Waiting”
02. “Love Again”
03. “Alone Together”
04. “Bamboo Forest”
05. “Anywhere”
06. “Brobdingag”
07. “Down”
08. “Kompressor”
09. “Sylvia”
10. “Patterns”

Mr. Elevator’s third full-length record Goodbye, Blue Sky is due out on January 17th via Castle Face Records. Check out the official album artwork:

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