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Miesha & The Spanks – “The Girls Are O.K.” [Free Song Download]

Calgary’s Miesha & The Spanks are a gritty, garage rock two-piece who are offering their cavorting, rambunctious single, “The Girls Are O.K.”, as a free mp3 download. Ya dig?



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Amidst separatist talk, ‘Make Alberta Great Again’ slogans, and election results no one seems to be able to reconcile, thank fuck for some slamming, good-old garage rock from Calgary’s Miesha & The Spanks. The gritty two-piece is a masterclass in feeling good while rocking out, and by offering their latest single, “The Girls Are O.K.”, as a free mp3 download, they want to make sure you get to enjoy their visceral brand of rock and roll for yourself.

On the band’s first material since 2018’s Girls Girls Girls (check it here on Apple Music and Spotify), lead singer Miesha Louie says, “For this recording, we returned to OCL Studios just outside of Calgary, and our engineer/producer Josh Rob Gwilliam. We learned a lot from our Girls Girls Girls producers, Danny Farrant and Paul Rawson, and tried to apply that to these sessions, while producing ourselves alongside Josh.”

Get “Motorin’” with the second track from Girls, Girls, Girls.

Louie also adds, “With the exception of Girls Girls Girls, Josh has been the engineer behind every Spanks recording, and it was really cool to get back into the studio with him, with all of us bringing new experiences to the table.

My favourite part of recording this single was adding Girls Rock Camp Calgary to the back up vocals. The recording took place a week prior to our GRCC session in the same studio, so at the end of that day, when all of their original music was recorded, I gathered them into the mixing room to ask if they wanted to hear our new song – and, maybe, if they liked it – would they help me out with some back ups? There’s a fine line when you add huge gangs like that, where it could sound completely cheesy, but these girls were the driving force behind the inspiration for this song and I just couldn’t resist.”

Get in the mood for progressively-themed garage rock with “The Girls Are O.K.” and revel in the cavorting, rambunctious energy of Miesha & The Spanks.

“The Girls Are O.K.” dropped October 1st, 2019.