Led by founding frontman and multi-instrumentalist, Jason Noon, the self-described “psychedelic island-fusion jam band,” Lights Out Project, has been a thriving, driving force on Florida’s east coast indie music scene for more than a decade. And in 2019, Noon and company have dropped their long-awaited full-length, debut record, Reverse The System.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Noon at his Florida-based, Garden House Studios, the smooth groovin’ twelve-song set reflects a friendly stylistic fender-bender somewhere near the intersection of Dirty Heads Boulevard and Franti Street — making for a musical buzz that’s laced with just enough full-bodied reggae flavor to feel mellow, while packing just enough ska punch to truly zing.

Delivering maximum “thriller” and minimum “filler,” Reverse The System boasts a bounty of stand-out tracks. Driven by Sam Hill’s urgent drum work and peppered by the zesty horn section of Trent Spears, Kelley Bolduc, and Quinn Carson, “Get Up & Go” is a solid record opener. Slinky and sexy, “Pakalolo” is a satisfying celebration of the best bud on earth. The alluring guitar work on “Rock Out” might inspire one to go “walking on the moon” while “Crowded Room” possesses a warm, organic Counting Crows-style appeal, and the record-closing title track harnesses an authentic vibe reminiscent of The Specials.

Go ahead, get a little funky with a full stream of Reverse The System:

However, for my money, “Believe” just might shine brightest among the gems. Featuring a guest vocal from the one and only Michelle Beebs of Beebs and Her Money Makers fame, the tune is crisp and upbeat, fun and infectious. The rhythm section of drummer Corbin Nappi and bassist John Hulland are jam-up and jelly-tight. Arguably, this track works the hardest to take home MVP honors.

In sum, Lights Out Project scores big with Reverse The System — an impressive effort from a promising band. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

Reverse The System Track Listing:

01. Get Up & Go – 4:46
02. Upright – 3:09
03. Pakalolo (feat. Al Anderson) – 4:20
04. Rock Out – 4:09
05. Batman – 4:05
06. Crowded Room – 5:16
07. Time Fly (feat. Niko Is) – 4:28
08. Wait-n-See – 3:30
09. Believe (feat. Beebs) – 4:17
10. Dancehall Queen (feat. Taranchyla) – 3:42
11. Lovers Rock – 4:14
12. Reverse the System – 5:49

Run Time 51:48
Release Date July 24, 2019
Record Label Self-Release

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