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Kelly Carmichael – “Heavy Heart” [Free Song Download]

Kelly Carmichael, of Pentagram and Internal Void fame, is offering the title track from his newest solo record, Heavy Heart – October 11th, Dogstreet Records – as a free mp3 download. As is expected from the prodigious guitarist, the tune is an effortless joy to listen to, especially for fans of classic and always-loud rock n’ roll.



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Kelly Carmichael, the prodigious guitarist from Pentagram and Internal Void, recently dropped his third solo album, Heavy Heart (check it out on Apple Music and Spotify), on his personal record label, Dogstreet Records. Inspired by Carmichael’s wide experience with varied metal, rock, and blues genres, the album is soaked in complexity, heaviness, and energetic fury imparted from the most colourful annals of rock’s history.

In celebration of his newest release, Carmichael is offering the album’s title track as a free, high-quality mp3 download. “Heavy Heart” is a fuzzy, rockin’ joy to listen to, and the six-and-a-half-minute run time slides by as the riffs swirl, dance, and flutter alongside the crooning vocals.

On the track, Carmichael states: “Lyrically the title track is a love song to music, specifically high-volume rock, and about the healing effect it has on me personally. It’s also written a tad tongue and cheek as if it’s to a woman, and I suppose there can be somewhat of a parallel intimacy there. I really like how the this song ended up as the outro for the album. The song gradually builds and builds, and it peaks throughout the lead, and then suddenly drops off with somewhat of an exhale or a release back into the last verse. I feel its sequence gave the record a nice structure and finale in the end.”

Give “Heavy Heart” a dry run before downloading.

From one music lover to another, avid fans of loud rock will effortlessly love Heavy Heart and it’s eponymous, closing track. The song helps to serve as yet-another reminder that behind all the angst, anger, rage, and upheaval of rock and metal, there is the pure, blissful joy of simply playing, and listening to, good music.

Heavy Heart Track Listing:

01. Shadows Will
02. Desires Tragedy
03. Soupers
04. The Palmist
05. The Way She Heals
06. Vine of the Soul
07. Starless Divine
08. Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart dropped October 11th on Dogstreet Records.