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Itasca Delivers ‘Spring’ in November with Her New Album and U.S. Tour Dates



Itasca, the artistic alias for Los Angeles-based Kayla Cohen, is kicking off the month with the November first release of her new album Spring on Paradise of Bachelors. Since the 2016 album Open to Chance, Itasca relocated to an old adobe house in rural New Mexico to find escape, catharsis, and inspiration for her newest recording. Brought to life by the high desert of the Four Corners region, Spring dances blissfully along through dusty, illustrious soundscapes as one determined soul navigates the tangible rhythms of her immediate reality.

The mellow folk tunes are brought to life by string arrangements and Cohen’s smoky vocals while listeners are invited to contemplate the slow, felicitous pace of an idyllic rural existence. Case in point is the acoustic guitar backed “Only a Traveller,” which you can check out below.

Adding to an already special month, Itasca will also be performing twelve shows across the U.S. throughout November as she continues to bring her vitamin-D soaked tunes to new and always-appreciative audiences. If you live in one of the lucky cities, do yourself a favour and check out Itasca’s powerful tunes live.

Upcoming Itasca Tour Dates:

11/13 – Zebulon (record release show) – Los Angeles, CA
11/15 – Denim Factory – Richmond, VA
11/16 – Rhizome – Washington, DC
11/17 – Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY
11/18 – Tubby’s – Kingston, NY
11/19 – Dirty Dungarees – Columbus, OH
11/20 – Landlocked Music – Bloomington, IN
11/21 – The Hideout – Chicago, IL
11/22 – Acme Records – Milwaukee, WI
11/23 – Moon Palace – Minneapolis, MN

Spring Track Listing:

01. Lily
02. Only a Traveler
03. Bess’s Dance
04. Comfort’s Faces
05. Voice of the Beloved
06. Blue Spring
07. Cornsilk
08. Plains
09. Golden Fields
10. A’s Lament