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El Valerie – “Chiqui Business” [Free Song Download]

El Valerie is offering her avante-garde pop tune “Chiqui Business” as a free mp3 download, so leave your musical preconceptions at the door and check out the atypical song.



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El Valerie is an NYC-based artist who makes atypical, off-kilter tunes that don’t just resist genre conventions, they laugh in the face of any classification – although we still have to try. Her album, I D A (check it out on Spotify), is a low-fi, avant-garde pop adventure through nine tracks that simultaneously charm and confound in equal measure. It’s something, for sure.

As luck would have it, any perplexed listeners now have the opportunity to enjoy the album’s song “Chiqui Business” as a free song download. The comparatively accessible track delivers all of El Valerie’s unique charms, and, on the song itself, she says, “music is my purest form of self-expression. Putting my feelings into words and building a structured piece of music around them is how I perpetuate myself, as well as my own freedom in society.”

Get taken in by “Chiqui Business.”

The unusual track is propelled by an arpeggiated bass riff, clanging guitar chords, a mix of irregular percussive elements, and El Valerie’s bluntly pedestrian vocal delivery. If the song, and El Valerie’s work as a whole, has a takeaway, it’s this: whether it’s weird genius, or just straight weird, you’re listening to it more than once. You never know where multiple listens might get you, and, amidst a world often ubiquitous with stale repetition, that’s refreshing in its own right.

I D A Track Listing:

01. The End of NYC
02. Tinnitus
03. Chiqui Business
04. Tierra
05. Heart Attach
06. O Casio
07. Champurreo
08. Mango Marble
09. Ida

I D A released on July 12th, 2019.