Norwegian punks Bokassa are about to finish the year with a short run of UK dates. The shows are the culmination of a year which has seen the band touring Europe opening for Metallica and, as we run this article, announce their appearance at 2020’s Download Festival. We spoke to the band ahead of the dates to find out about the last twelve months and life on the road in general for the Norwegians.

Bokassa lead a “Charmed & Extremely Trecherous life on the road as you’ll see from their new video:

1. Thanks for your time guys, you’re about to head back to the UK, what can we expect from the shows?
Bokassa: A sweaty and energetic wall of sound! Banter about crumpets, black pudding and meal deals and of course a misanthropic riff bonanza finely tuned to give you the best show you’ve seen in a while!

2. You did the massive tour with Metallica earlier this year, what did you learn from that ?
Bokassa: A lot of things, most importantly that you haven’t made it until you have your own catering and bartender!

Here’s some footage the band shot during the Ireland date of the Metallica tour:

3. What was your favourite moment from that tour ?
Bokassa: There was a lot. It’s tied between that time the catering had ice cream with all the toppings I have ever seen to when we went drinking with Lars in Vienna, and ended up drinking till the next day when the other hotel guests came down for breakfast!

4. And how does it feel now you’re afforded the opportunity to tour places and countries that you’ve never been able to before ? Do you have any countries on your bucket list ?
Bokassa: We met some super cool fans from Bulgaria in Copenhagen last night. They wanted us to come play there. Apparently they knew the Bulgarian President too. So I guess Bulgaria then?

5. What’s been your favourite experience being on the road ?
Bokassa: Probably when we were in Münich and visited a Brauhaus (Beer Garden). We met these three old men who came there every Wednesday and had been doing it for like 30 years. We ended up giving one guy tickets so he could take his grandson. He didn’t know English so it was a lot of Norwegian German, pointing and Google Translate!

6. You shot your video for “Vultures” in Manchester and describe it as a “wacky road trip” video, what’s life really like on the road with Bokassa ? What does your daily routine involve ?
Bokassa: Haha, these days it’s something like this. Load-in, soundcheck, dinner, wait to play, play, hang out in the venue after, rig down, drive to next city and pray to whatever you believe in that our sound guy doesn’t snore. He does though. So I like to blast Neil Young‘s Ragged Glory until I fall asleep.

And here’s that wacky road trip video for “Vultures” in all it’s glory:

7. The UK shows bring to an end 2019, how would you sum up what has been a crazy year for you ?
Bokassa: Surrealistic!

8. And 2020 will see you performing at Download Festival, what are you expecting from that ?
Bokassa: Haven’t really heard much about except from British people, but according to them it’s like the second coming of Christ in festival form. So I guess we’re hoping people will turn up early. And I personally can’t wait to see Deftones! But first come and see us in December!

9. What about new music in 2020, is there anything in the pipeline ?
Bokassa: The 3rd album is written, but we haven’t booked anything. But I would expect a single from us!

10. Good luck with the shows. Any message for fans coming out
Bokassa: Bring cash in case we don’t get that goddamn Izettle working! And also, I for one can’t wait to hang out afterwards. We love Brits, they’ve got a lot of the same humour as Norwegians!

Tour Dates:

11/27 – Budapest, Dürer
11/28 – Vienna, Chelsea
11/30 – Munich, Backstage Club
12/01 – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
12/02 – Antwerp, Trix
12/06 – London, Underworld
12/07 – Manchester, Rebellion
12/08 – Glasgow, Audio
12/10 – Norwich, Waterfront Studio
12/11 – Bristol, The Fleece
12/13 – Paris, Backstage
12/14 – Utrecht – De Helling
12/15 – Saarbrücken, Garage
12/16 – Dortmund, Fzw Club

Bokassa’s second album, Crimson Riders, is out now and you can pick up your copy from here.

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