When Cannabis Corpse erupted from the motherly womb of the mighty Municipal Waste back in 2006, I wasn’t entirely sure of their intention. I’ve always been a fan of parody/comedy metal, from Spinal Tap and Bad News to Steel Panther and Dethklok, but there needs to be the love and passion for metal otherwise it can just land up being mean and icky. Fortunately, these ne’er do well misfits from Richmond, Virginia were just huge fans of classic death metal and, you guessed it, the devil’s cabbage.

Over the past 13 years, they have released five full-length albums and a rad EP, each one more hilarious and true to style than the last. And herein lies the great thing about the ‘Corpse – not only do they love death metal, but they are really fuckin’ adept at writing and performing it. On what are now classic modern DM albums like Tube Of The Resinated and Left Hand Pass, the band has been tight, brutal, meticulous, and downright nasty with the riffs. On top of the shit-hot music, they clearly spend many hours around the bong coming up with weed-inspired song and album titles based on classic death metal inspiration, and it’s always a laugh to see what they come up with each time (songs on this new record are parodies of titles from Napalm Death, Carcass, and Immolation, to name a few).

Check out the dank retro video for “Dawn Of Weed Possession” here:

The album title of their 2019 opus Nug So Vile (order/stream here) is based on the quintessential 1996 Cryptopsy album, None So Vile, and it could easily go toe-to-toe with these big guns. As always, the music is dense and unforgiving, and doesn’t give up for a nano-second throughout the playtime – this is a perfect example of a death metal power trio firing on all cylinders. The riffs come in hard and aggressive from Adam Guilliams, the rhythm section couldn’t be more solid, and the vocals of founding member Landphil are sickeningly worthy of any of the definitive 1990’s old-school. The songs themselves barrel over you like a runaway tank, but “Edible Autopsy” and “Dawn Of Weed Possession” will most definitely become live faves going forward.

Ultimately, let’s get one thing straight – this band make fun, sticky-bud death metal that clearly makes them and their fanbase super-duper happy, and aren’t looking to create a new Suffocation or Morbid Angel, complete with high-end (excuse the pun) themes and game-changing music. Nug So Vile is simply another fantastic death metal album from Cannabis Corpse that will raise your horns and the THC level in your bloodstream. And ain’t that just the bee’s knees?

The band are firing on all “Cylinders of Madness” in this video:

Nug So Vile Track Listing:

01. Conquerors Of Chronaggeddon
02. Nug So Vile
03. Blunt Force Domain
04. Cylinders Of Madness
05. Blasphemy Made Hash
06. Cheeba Jigsore Quandary
07. Edibles Autopsy
08. Dawn Of Weed Possession
09. The Cone Is Red (Long Live The Cone)
10. The Ultimate Indicantation

Run Time: 35:43
Release Date: November 1, 2019
Record Label: Season Of Mist