UK tunesmiths Maven step up with their engrossing new single, “Heart & Time” which is lifted from their mesmerising new EP, Am I Awake?, out December 6th, 2019. Pulling influence from Thrice, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects to Don Broco, the track is perfect for those of you who like massive melodies and soaring vocals so check out our exclusive premiere of the video here.

Maven began back in 2013 but, during the time since then, the fivesome have suffered a series of personnel changes, which has restricted their trajectory. However, now with a fully stable line-up and revitalised sound, the Londoners are primed to break out to the masses. A slew of live shows with everyone from Crazy Town, Elliot Minor, The Feeling, Dream State, and Normandie to Deaf Havana, has increased the band’s stock, and so too have recent compelling headline shows. The band’s last EP, Closed Doors, Open Minds, picked up powerful underground support and traction, adding to their growing stature.

With the band hoping to kick on as they head towards the end of 2019 and into 2020, we spoke to them about their new EP and the last few years.

Before we get into that, here’s another taster of what the future holds in store from Maven in the form of the recently released video for the closing track from the upcoming EP:

You’re about to put out your new EP, Am I Awake?, what can you tell us about it ?
Maven: The tracks on Am I Awake? are a collection of 3 very different singles. Whilst some of the underlying lyrical concepts are similar, the tracks are each sonically unique in terms of their tempo, timbre & vibe. “Stronger Than You” takes the listener from soft and gentle verses to the ambient chorus. This is swiftly followed up by the down tuned and riffy “Heart & Time” which we hope everyone can nod their head to and finally, the EP is drawn to close by “Am I Alive?”” which is actually a track our new guitarist Rob Barlow composed the main skeleton of.

Which bands or albums made the most impact on you ?
Maven: More recently, Architects latest album is one that we believe has echoed the entire rock and metal industry, but bands like Don Broco, Bring Me The Horizon, Deaf Havana and so many more are still writing incredible music, year after year. Not to mention bands like Normandie, Dream State, Press to Meco and Holding Absence who are really turning heads right now.

As much as we all have a huge list of albums from the vaults of history that have shaped us to be who we are now, we think its important to stay current with the up and coming bands that we love as much as the legends, so we can learn what people like and use that in our own writing style.

What do you think of the British rock scene at the moment, is it in a healthy state?
Maven: It’s still smashing away, I’ve just listed a whole bunch of new talent that are making waves. But no one can ignore that there are venues closing left, right and centre and bands are breaking up because they can’t make ends meet. It’s extremely hard to follow your passion, put your time and effort into it and try and make a living out of it when even bigger artists and working part time jobs because they get paid 0.012p per play on Spotify. But that’s a testament to the music industry and even the consumer industry as a whole, instant gratification means people eat up content without a second thought and no one wants to come to a show when they can watch their favorite series on Netflix and save money. As artists we just need to stick together, invest as much time and money as we can afford and most importantly, do it for ourselves and for our love of music.

The EP is out at the end of December, what are your plans for 2020 ?
Maven: We’ve already started locking in some shows for January and February. Our aim is to start trying to extend the reach of our music and break through the mass of media that is out there into intersphere. We’re in talks about an album but nothing too formal yet.

As a band you’ve been around for a few years, how do you think you have changed ?
Maven: Well, we’ve had quite a few line-up changes over the years. But most of the ex-members have still stayed close and still even play for us from time to time. We have incredible support throughout London & Kent which have been with us since the beginning, so most of our core values are the same. But we like to think this latest EP is an expression of a new potential direction or expansion of our sound.

Looking long-term now, what are your goals for the band over the next couple of years ?
Maven: Get rich, party hard, die young, no regrets.

Maven release Am I Awake? on December 6, 2019 and you can pre-order your copy here. You’ll more than likely be able to pick up a copy of the EP at one of the bands upcoming shows.

Tour Dates:

11/28 – Watford – O’Neil’s
11/29 – Manchester – Satans Hollow *
11/30 – Camden – The Black Heart *
12/01 – Southampton – Suburbia *
12/08 – Gravesend – Sumo Syco **

* Supporting Like Torches
** Supporting Sumo Cyco

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