It’s Halloween today and all your greatest dreams are in peril! We’re sorry to break the news to you, but your worst nightmare has now become a reality… Well, maybe we’re just trying to raise some excitement for our latest music video premiere for Dreams In Peril’s song “Neckties And Nostalgia.” The track comes from the band’s recently-released Mephobia album, which dropped this past March via HearYou Music. (You can stream/purcase the song and the album now via Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer.)

Checking in with a comment on the song and video for “Neckties And Nostalgia,” the group said, “The song itself is about the failures and issues that we all face and go through on a day to day basis in life and overcoming the adversity. The song personally hits deep with the band as to us it resonates with our struggles as a band and as individuals. The video shows (singer) Mike (Yeager) basically going from one job to another. What that job was, no one knows and it leaves the viewer to guess what mike did or is about to do. The album itself, that the song is on is titled Mephobia which means ’The fear of becoming so awesome, that the human race can not handle it and everyone dies.”

Listen to the screams and growls on the title track off of Mephobia:

The Kansas City groove-based band is relatively new to the scene, having only formed in January 2018. They are a conglomerate of four members known for their presence in various metal bands based in and around Kansas City. That jumpstart that every act needs to get moving came in the form of their victory in the 2018 Headbang for The Highway Summer Slaughter Showcase, a decade-old nationally recognized music developmental program that was established to assist local and regional talent in gaining opportunities to have their music heard. It provides groups with a much larger platform than they ever would have alternatively had access to.

In light of their triumph, Dreams In Peril went on to play the highly regarded Summer Slaughter Tour with Mechanize, Spiritwaker, Thy Descent and others. To win a musical showcase is no easy accomplishment and it has proven to be the jumpstart that Dreams In Peril needed and now they are determined to not look back.

Check out the very Halloween appropriate artwork that accompanied the release of Mephobia:


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