Riotous rockers Tokyo Taboo have built quite a reputation for their spectacular, character driven, and often shocking vibrant live performances. With glowing comparisons to Deap Vally, Halestorm and Juliette & The Licks, the band have now released their new single, “Whiskey”, which is taken from their much-anticipated upcoming new album. We exclusively asked the band for five tracks that have helped to shape their sound but first check out the video for “Whiskey” here:

01. Dead Sara – “Weatherman”
– This is the first track we ever heard from Dead Sara and we fell instantly in love. For Dolly it was the strong vocals and hooky melodies. Mickey loved the heavy riffs. We were sat in Amsterdam airport for four hours (flight delay) and listened on repeat. We did a bit of research and Dead Sara sited Noah Shain as the man behind the sound. We contacted him the next day and were in the studio with him in LA a few months later. The chorus riff is our favourite and the repeated chorus and build right to the end. Emily’s voice really is something special.

02. Halestorm – “Miss The Misery”
– The repeated “who oh ohs” are so amazingly hooky and I love that they come straight in. The energy of the drum fills and heavy guitars and ferocious speed of the track is amazing. Then Lzzy’s voice is off the scale. Lyrically I’m in love with the song as it’s so relatable to be hooked on something that’s bad. To miss the pain and “misery” in a relationship, the darkness and “rough sex”. I write about that feeling a lot in “No Pleasure Only Pain” and I’m sure it’s songs like this that inspired my lyrics.

03. Badflower – “Ghost”
– Lyrically such a brave song. I’ve never heard a song with such relatable lyrics about suicide. The instrumental sections are so haunting and epic as are the parts where there’s nothing but silence and heavy breathing. The song just builds and builds and is just vocally amazing in its intensity. My favourite part is the last minute of the song. The “yeah!”” scream and guitar stabs and builds right to the end. We were lucky enough to support these guys in London and can see big things happening for them.

04. Paramore – “Ignorance”
– I never get sick of hearing this song. When the intro comes on in the car I turn it up so loud that I get told off by everyone else in the car! That intro is amazing with the solo guitar and drums coming in. Then Hayley’s vocals full of attitude! All the drum parts in this song are amazing. Love the guitar and drums before the chorus. The chorus itself is epic and so catchy. Can never get bored of listening to this!

05. Marilyn Manson – “The Nobodies”
– The drum machine intro is super iconic. Love the way Manson plays with his voice from a whisper to a shout – he always sounds incredible. The change in dynamic in the song is awesome – the way the guitars drive the chorus. So much power and energy. The way the song drops back in the ‘Na Na Na Na’ part and then builds again in the outro is awesome also. Visually a big inspiration and musically, lyrically and vocally too!

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