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Vambo – “Vambo” [Album Review]

Vambo have channelled the spirit of ‘80s rock n’ roll with pinpoint precision and delivered a self-titled debut—out October 25th on Goliath Records—that includes a varied collection of songs to please varied audiences.



In June of this year, Vambo were granted the opportunity to play Download Festival and Isle of Wight Festival in the same month, and audiences who witnessed their sets were pleasantly surprised by the band’s ‘80s style of rock n’ roll which channels the likes of Deep Purple, Journey, and Blue Oyster Cult. Well, the London, UK-based quartet are now ready to drop their debut, self-titled album, Vambo, upon the world and it really is worth the attention; especially if you are a fan of the aforementioned groups, or simply feel the need to return to an era when rock was in its prime.

Vambo is an energetic and diverse debut that kicks off with an air-guitar-worthy riff courtesy of Pete Lance in “Now You See Me.” The tune quickly builds with a groove that is hard to ignore before Jack Stiles’ vocals chime in to add further depth to the already funky track. The song really sets the tone for the album and hints at what’s to come from this eleven-song set. “Why, Why, Why” continues in this fashion, again increasing the funkiness, while “Cry Woman” kicks off with an exceptional riff and provides some variety with slower sections whilst maintaining the upbeat rock n’ roll vibe. “Dancing with the Devil” is the recording’s most varied track, opening with a wailing riff before shifting tone to the slower end of the rock spectrum. It builds simmering tension in some places, a la “November Rain,” and the track has anthem written all over it.

Escape your “World of Misery” with some ‘80s style rock from Vambo.

Each cut on Vambo delivers its own charm and distinct features, making it easy to identify between songs. The album is catchy, funky, and full of heart and soul, making you really believe that the quartet truly enjoy their craft; which helps ensure that this debut stands out from the crowd. There are a vast array of bands who seek to recreate the spirit of the ‘80s yet only produce diluted or weak records. Thankfully, Vambo are an exception to this, and, in time, should climb the ladder and perhaps eventually even headline festivals the likes of Download. Simply stated: “Vambo Rools!”

Vambo Track Listing:

01. Now You See Me
02. Why, Why, Why
03. Cry Woman
04. We’re Not the Same
05. Dancing with the Devil
06. World of Misery
07. Down Little Mama
08. Running in Circles
09. Camouflage
10. Vambo Rools
11. Fast Car

Run Time: 40:37
Release Date: October 25, 2019
Record Label: Goliath Records

Here’s another reason “Why, Why, Why” you should check these guys out.