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English ambient-rockers Sons of Alpha Centauri are revolutionizing their brand of menacing post-rock with the collaborative, electronic-influenced album Buried Memories – check out our album review here – due out on October 13th. Working with two metal industry icons in James Plotkin and Justin Broadrick, SoAC pull their bristling, crawling tunes into an even darker realm punctuated by slicing synths and fat bass subs. It’s still a gloriously ambient sonic landscape, but now it’s got a new flavour to chew on.

To get a taste of this new direction, SoAC are offering the final track on the album, “SS Montgomery“ (James Plotkin Remix), as a free mp3 download. Right from the get-go, Plotkin’s stylings are evident as a cutting, metallic synth accompanies the song’s opening bass riff. The track becomes a sputtering-yet-clinical powerhouse as the remix additions take an already moody soundscape to another level with darker, modern, and sinister overtones. For veteran SoAC listeners especially, it’s a joy to suss out the tune’s original structure and framework within the new context.

The original “SS Montgomery” from Sons of Alpha Centauri’s 2007 eponymous debut.

On the remixed track, SoAC say, “James Plotkin worked on our debut and this is his interpretation of the single ‘SS Montgomery.’ Bringing together Justin Broadrick and James to both mix and remix material with their re-interpretations has taken the direction of the band much darker than we had expected. Immerse yourself!”

Well, you heard them: pick up the James Plotkin remix of “SS Montgomery” and begin the rewarding journey of immersing yourself in the world of Sons of Alpha Centauri.

Buried Memories Track Listing:

01. Hitmen (Justin K. Broadrick mix)
02. Hitmen (Jesu remix)
03. Hitmen (JK Flesh remix)
04. Warhero (James Plotkin mix)
05. Remembrance (James Plotkin mix)
06. SS Montgomery (James Plotkin remix)

Buried Memories is out October 13th on H24 Records