Haunting, soulful, Hozier-like vocals mixed with an eclectic nod to an alternative pop/folk style, PACE has caught our attention with their new single “Hunt Me Down”. The London based band brings an edginess to their music with a blend of ambient and airy guitar lines, dramatic piano melodies, deep harmonious drums, experimental synths, and the lead vocalists heart-wrenching vocals.
‘Hunt Me Down’ represents PACE’s sound that floats between euphoria and sorrow. Parcae (frontman singer-songwriter) describes the track: “This song was one of the many we wrote, but it feels special as it was originally written on an old harmonium Adrian bought for almost nothing at a random flea market. It has its spirit and it gave me a new inspiration to write this song about facing our own fears in life, rather than suppressing them and leaving them unspoken and behind. Because they never disappear just like that. We have to be brave enough to face them and work on them, otherwise, they’ll silently Hunt Us Down.”

“Hunt me down tonight, hunt me down any other night I survive”

PACE was initially formed in 2015 by Singer-Songwriter Adam Pavlovcin and Pianist-Composer Adrian Cermak, in 2017 the duo was joined by Lorenzo Calvo on guitar and Chris Eleos on Drums. The four-piece bonded over their shared desire to deliver performances that raises controversy. With the transition from a duo to a full band line-up, their sound has evolved to the point of considering “Hunt Me Down” a new beginning of their artistic career
Reminiscent of a Hozier – Mumford & Sons cross, PACE is definitely going to be the next break through band you are putting at the top of your playlist.

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Instagram . Facebook Website .
Instagram . Facebook Website .

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