UK heavy rockers Black Tree Vultures continue their climb with a host of live dates and a reboot of the single, “Bitter,” lifted from their current self-titled EP, out now. With this in mind, we asked the band for the tracks that have shaped their engrossing sound.

01. Metallica – “No Leaf Clover” (S&M version)
Celyn (vocals): “This track was a major discovery for me, the orchestral sound with Metallica just blew me away! Having only recently got into Metallica over the last few years it’s been a gem that was recommended to me from our drummer Jonno as he’s a die hard Metallica fan! I highly recommend checking it out if you’re yet to hear it!”

02. Shinedown – “Cut The Chord” (Threat To Survival)
Aaron (Guitars): “Real inventive songwriting that drew me in, a lot of vocal leads and underlying rhythms that just made it an instant catch! Shinedown have grown on me over the last few months in massive amounts and I am a bit fan of the Threat To Survival album in particular! They’re one of the bands I want to see live! These guys are one of my biggest inspirations!”

03. Iron Maiden – “The Evil That Men Do” (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son)
Jonno (drums): “Growing up with Maiden this was one of my go to songs for the way it’s structured and builds. The vocal melody was the main thing that drew me into this track! I’ve always been very inspired by Nicko from Maiden and what he adds to that band hence why maiden are one of my biggest influences! Plus the artwork for this band is absolutely insane!”

04. The Cult – “Love Trooper” (Best Of Rare Cult)
Ched (bass): “This track has been one of my life-long favourites, everything about it just spoke to me on every level! It’s difficult to explain but I just really connected with this track! I’m a big fan of The Cult and grew up with a lot of their music in my life so it might be that I heard this track in the past without even registering it… then when I actually focused on listening to it I just clicked with it instantly!”

Now that you’ve heard their influences, check out the video for new single “Bitter”:

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