We get a TON of emails every day filled with awesome new music from independent artists all over the world. Most of the time, we get to feature our favorite ones and share them with you guys. But sometimes, we don’t have the time to get to everyone on our list. Check out the bands below to see who we’ve been raving about behind the scenes and why you will be raving about them too!
Song: “Love & Light”
Who: Amistat
Why We Love It: Inspired by environmental changes and ocean pollution, “Love & Light” is an ode to the human relationship with the Earth. Simple organic instrumentation backs an incredibly intimate vocal performance with emotive harmonies and powerful message. This is a stunning single and worthy of being at the top of all of your favorite playlists.
Song: “Nobody”
Who: Roman Rouge
Why We Love It: Intense energy, passionate, fiery, and sultry vocals create the essence of “Nobody” by Roman Rogue. “Nobody” is vulnerable in sharing an intense desire for wanting a reciprocal feeling from the person you like. We keep saying “intense” but this single has a really special energy that does more than entice the ears…. it grabs the heartstrings. In addition, Roman carries the lyrics masterfully with a driving vocal performance.
Song: “Spill”
Who: Daze
Why We Love It: Simple yet eloquent, “Spill” is relaxed in its production with a slow drum beat, lingering guitar chords, interspersed piano tones, and soft vocals. An easy listening gem that lingers through the air, “Spill” is an excellent introduction to the indie group Daze.
Song: “Guaguancó”
Who: Intaya
Why We Love It: Heavily textured with latin drums, soulful vocals, an easy melody, and a complex composition, “Guaguancó” is a refreshing palatte cleanser from the usual types of music we hear. Skillfully crossing boundaries between traditional Latin music, Jazz, Hi-Hop, and Soul, Intaya is creating a new experimental type of music that’s hard to resist.
Song: “Phantom Feeling”
Why We Love It: “I keep getting a phantom feeling from you” is the driving lyric behind this energetic and lyrically crafted song. “Phantom Feeling” is masterful in every way – lyrics, production, catchy beat – it’s all there. Combining a raspy pop vocal with textured instrumentals, WESLEY explores a unique soundscape reminiscent of a 90’s pop band.

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