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Singer-Songwriter ADRIAN CHALIFOUR Gets Emotionally Raw on His New Single “The Collapse” [Song Premiere]

Former frontman of BC indie band Towers and Trees, singer-songwriter Adrian Chalifour recently began a new phase of his career as a solo artist, and we’d love to get you better acquainted via our premiere of his latest single “The Collapse.”



Singer-songwriter Adrian Chalifour recently turned the page on a new chapter of his career as a solo artist; today we’re debuting his latest single titled “The Collapse.” Chalifour, if the name sounds at all familiar, is the former frontman of Towers and Trees, a very successful British Columbia-based indie band that emerged from a small solo project, eventually charting on Canadian radio and touring across the country.

Since the successful days of Towers and Trees, Chalifour has projected his focus on just recording and promoting solo under his own name. “The Collapse” is the second single thus far released by Chalifour, following up the well-received solo track debut of “Open Heart” (view below). While “Open Heart” was more upbeat and joyful sounding, “The Collapse” is quite the opposite, showing a vulnerability in Chalifour and his songwriting abilities. It’s emotionally raw with also a rather moving vocal performance. If his first two singles are any evidence, Chalifour is a songwriter with a deep range in his compositions, capable of eliciting many moods and emotions.

Hear for yourself what we’re talking about with premiere of “The Collapse”:

Chalifour had a lot to say regarding the new song and the emotional point of view from which it emanates: “‘The Collapse’ is a song about loss and the helplessness that precedes it. That might mean a lot of different things to different people, and even means different things to me depending on when and in what context I listen to it. But I can tell you when I first wrote it, it was about the loss of life. My community has lost a lot of good men this past year. Men I grew up with. Men my age: fathers, husbands and business owners with lives and legacies; men we didn’t expect to lose. I thought about what those last moments must have been like when you realize there’s no coming back. I thought about what their last words might have been, what my last words might be, was there a chance to share them. This song helps me remember who they were and what they left behind.”

Those are poignant words indeed from a talented artist who is certainly deserving of attention. As a singer and songwriter, Chalifour has been active within the public space now for more than a decade and a half, working in various projects along the way. Towers and Trees was a frequent guest at popular festivals and events across Canada, including Canadian Music Week, Indie Week, Breakout West, Rifflandia and Rock The Shores.

Equipped with an upbeat performance, check out Chalifour’s recently released music video for “Open Heart,” featuring Jimbo:

Stemming from his years of hard work, Chalifour recently made his national television debut appearing on The Launch, a successful Canadian show where recognized music industry individuals lend their talents to help shape the success of undiscovered singers and musicians. Chalifour’s time on the show was highly regarded which helped give him that extra bit of personal motivation to step outside the shelter of a band and into new shoes as a solo artist unable to hide behind the merits or personalities of his bandmates. With a new lease on his musical life, Adrian Chalifour is on just the right pathway towards even more continued achievements and accomplishments down the road.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

09/27 – Guelph ON, Fionn MacCool’s
09/28 – London ON, London Music Club
10/02 – Etobicoke ON, Cafe LinX, Humber College Campus
10/03 – Toronto ON, B-side Lounge
10/04 – Ottawa ON, Bar Robo
10/05 – Orillia ON, The Brownstone
10/06 – Perth ON, The Court House
10/08 – Waterloo ON, Emmanuel United Church
10/09 – Kingston ON, Musiikki Cafe
10/10 – Toronto ON, Cameron House
10/11 – Montreal QC, Barfly

Check out Chalifour on the artwork for “The Collapse”:

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