When we heard this artist we couldn’t believe that this was her DEBUT single. As in her first…..ever. RIIKI enchanted us with her dreamy voice, mesmerizing melodies, and quirky style that sets the tone for her unique sound. Sounding like an established pop-artist, RIIKI has a voice that soars over the subtly driving beat and layered synths creating a soundscape that is extremely enticing. We sat down with the artist to get her insights on “One Day” and to get to know this emerging artist that is SURE to be at the top of everyone’s playlists.
What is “One Day” about from your perspective? What inspired the song?
“One Day” was kinda created with the intention that it could mean many things, for me it was about 2 things; super cheeseeee but one was desiring that one day I’d actually reach the goals I’d set for myself since I was a kid. I’d become so infatuated with the idea of it that it would be all I’d think about. The second was about fantasizing and daydreaming a life with a certain person… hrm hrm hehe. Both of these thoughts inspired the song, along with the thought that sometimes you want something but it feels so out of reach, therefore you start to doubt yourself.
What’s your favorite lyric in the song?
“Beautiful skies, Where we’ll float away float away and belong”. How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard it?
Oooo, I think indie-pop that’s floaty but defo a bit groovy. Something that can hopefully make people have a lil boogie.
What artists influence your musical style?
Too many !! Honestly can’t even specifically give a handful of names because it feels like it is always changing! At the moment I’ve been listening to a lot of Daniel Caesar, Bon Iver, Leisure and Cautious Clay, so maybe those artists are spinning a bit of influence on me. What can fans expect next?
More Musssiiccccc and maybe some other little things…
Connect with RIIKI:
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