Who says gold is better than Silver? This Reno, Nevada-based quintet is red hot and ready to gain your loyalty thanks in large to their tight, Tom Petty-esuqe sound and timeless guitar-driven rock n’ roll. The collective of seasoned musicians, who’ve each spent years cutting their teeth in the local circuit, is now gearing up to release their new album, Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night, on October 25th. The Joe Johnston-enginered album (he owns Sacramento’s Pus Cavern studio) follows the guys’ self-recorded/released debut EP Rock n’ Roll Is Dead and includes five quality new tracks previously introduced by lead single “Good Enough.”

Well, singer and guitarist Greg Gilmore, drummer Jeff Knight, bassist Brendon Lund, keyboardist Adam Landis, and lead guitarist Josh Kisor are wasting no time in keeping up the hype ahead of Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night’s release. Today, on the heels of their second new single, “Wait,” the band is debuting the song’s party-ready new music video. Emotive, good vibe and nostalgia-inducing music that’s designed for anyone down to party or chill is what you can expect, so get watching.

To elaborate further on “Wait” and its accompanying video, frontman Greg Gilmore us joins for a brief interview. To kick things off, commenting on the single, he notes, ”Initially ‘Wait’ was more of a full band barn-burner live, but I never intended it to be that way. After the first day of production, well into the night and a bottle of whiskey, we discussed the idea of changing the arrangement—which was set to be recorded the following day—to the gentle, slow build you now hear on the recording.”

“Wait” no longer, friends, Silver’s video is ready for your views!

Congrats on the new video, it’s a ton of fun. The first minute seems to have been shot in 1 take; is that accurate?

Greg Gilmore: “Thank you, this was a really fun video to make as well. Yeah, the first minute is one solid shot. Great work by our videographer Tony Contini on that one.”

Tell us more about the video’s settings; the house you chose, the people included, how it was conceptualized.

Gilmore: “Josh and I live at the house and we have so many get-togethers there. Just felt natural for the song. I really wanted to include as many friends as possible. It’s kind of a sad song, but maybe a song you’d yell together with a crew. I watch a lot of Scorsese pictures and have always been a fan of the continuous shot. Tony was pretty excited to oblige. We worked on a video outline, invited all our friends over, drank a lot and had a great time. I was pretty tore back by the last segment.”

Do you feel the video properly captures the essence of the song and its lyrical content?

Gilmore: “This wasn’t really a literal translation video. More or less all our friends love this song when they see it live, so we thought we’d have them in the video. It’s ironic, really, but it feels like a fun party song.”

Take a look at the artwork for Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night, which is due on October 25th:

Speaking of which, may you please elaborate on the lyrics?

Gilmore: “Yeah, this is definitely the oldest song on the EP. I wrote this one back in 2015 before Silver had even formed while I was fronting a different group. My friends have heard this story a million times, but I was marooned in Nashville, Tennessee during the worst ice storms they had seen in 20 years. We were traveling in a van with a trailer and the entire rig was frozen to the ground. Put it in drive, step on the gas…wouldn’t budge, just revved. So I pulled my boots up, threw on my guitar and walked down to the Douglas Corner Cafe for their famous open mic.

I hung around there with a bunch older Nashville country cats who ‘almost made it.’ We exchanged stories and songs, shot the shit for a while. I don’t remember who it was, but someone there had mentioned the phrase ‘feet of clay,’ which I had never heard before, it’s something similar to the phrase ‘Achilles Heel.’ I loved that so much, it just inspired me to start writing and kinda came up with this song after that whole experience and phrase.

As a songwriter, when I initially write a song I tend to think it has to do with a situation before me, or around me at that time, but it usually winds up being something that perseveres throughout life. Sometimes I never know what they’re about. I generally like to stray away from talking about song meanings cause I hate to color other people’s thoughts of it. I prefer them to be a Rorschach Test of sorts, but this one’s pretty cut and dry, so I’ll go for it.

It starts immediately at the end of a heartbreaking conversation, you know, one where you don’t even remember what happened, or who said what. And kinda about how some people tend to lose who they are in relationships and understanding your flaws. It’s a tough thing, but then it’s over a happy tune. Kinda like putting on a song that makes ya happy to forget about your troubles.”

As you can clearly see from the video, this song is more than “Good Enough.”

There is a Beatles poster on one of the house’s walls; any story here or just happenstance?

Gilmore: “Yeah, that lives on the wall there, but beneath the Beatles poster in that shot, on the piano are a White Stripes vinyl (De Stijl), and a Tom Petty songbook. Those are my personal Holy Trinity of songwriters. Josh also threw Disraeli Gears vinyl up on the piano as well.”

There must be some fun facts about, or Easter eggs in the video; dish!

Gilmore: “Yeah, there are a ton of fun things in there than might be funnier to people who know us personally. Certain friends wearing wigs, there are some good friends of ours who play in a band called So Sol here in Reno – John and Jess – who are doing an American Gothic stance in the very back of one of the shots holding a meat cleaver. Oh, and the video starts off with a different song from our EP, Go Home. But yeah, we just invited all our friends to come over for a party and just did what we normally do, but with a camera…wait, never mind…”

Last but not least, your new EP Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night is due on October 25th. If there’s one thing a fan should take away from the album, or even just know about it in advance of its release, what would it be?

Gilmore: “It’s a strange one for me because, in the past, most bodies of work I’ve completed sorta have a general theme to them. This one is a bit all over the place a little more honest, to be…honest. The songs were taken from and written at many varying points in my life, so it really encompasses a lot for me. It’s a very classic-sounding record, I think. I would say it lands somewhere between the ‘70s and ‘90s, but it doesn’t sound ‘80s at all! But I digress. It’s a contemplative record. Hopefully, you can listen, zone out, and feel a little more emboldened than you did 18 minutes prior to when you fired it up.”

Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night Track Listing:

01. Live Again
02. Good Enough
03. Wait
04. Go Home
05. The Chase

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