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LOW LITE’s Collaborative New Track with PROBCAUSE and BALKAN BUMP Elicits “HyperJoy” [Song Premiere]

If you’re a lover of beats, electronica, and hip-hop, then you’ll be feeling “HyperJoy” when listening to our exclusive premiere of Low Lite’s brand new collaborative single with Balkan Bump and hip-hop artist Probcause, released via Gravitas Recordings.



If you’re a lover of beats, electronica, and hip-hop, then you’ll be feeling “HyperJoy” when listening to our exclusive premiere of Low Lite’s brand new single. Low Lite, born Lorenzo Gordon in Los Angeles, is a very young producer and accomplished saxophonist and, this time around, he has teamed up with Chicago rapper ProbCause and ethnomusicologist Balkan Bump for this uplifting, soulful, hip-hop ridden new track that will be sure to reel you in unknown musical worlds where genres you never thought possible to mix are masterfully combined for an enriching listening experience. The song (buy/stream here) appears on Low Lite’s debut three-song EP Primary, available for release coincidentally today via Gravitas Recordings! Listening to “HyperJoy” it’s no wonder why Low Lite has developed a quickly rising reputation among his peers as well as artists who are eager to work with him.

Although it’s only three tracks long, Primary acts as the perfect introduction to Low Lite, and what to expect from him in the future. As he states himself regarding the EP, “I am proud to have put together such a diverse body of work. The EP features everything from rap to morse code to euphonium, and nothing could be a better representation of me, personally! I wrote, produced, executive produced, envisioned, admired, critiqued and even hated this project, at times. But ultimately, I ended up falling in love with it. To finally get to tell these stories, which I am so deeply attached to, is a weight off of my shoulders. It is my hope with this project that I can be a weight off of your shoulders or something to think about, love in your heart or just a song in your head.”

This track will undoubtedly elicit high levels of “HyperJoy” in many listeners.

You may assume the EP is titled Primary because it’s Low Lite’s first official release. Well, that wouldn’t quite be correct as the title is a reference to primary colours and the visual aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum, transitioning from infrared to ultraviolet. The electromagnetic spectrum to say the least is some pretty complicated stuff to explain and simplify. We’ll give it a shot though… It’s essentially the “spectrum” or range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and their wavelengths and photon energies. Well, you can’t say we didn’t try, can you? Low Lite provides a broad point of view with Primary, with the figures representing the earth (blue), the moon (yellow) and Mars (red).

The title Primary alludes to the different moods each colour is typically associated with. Now you’re probably starting to get it, a bit. It’s essentially meant to be a well-rounded body of work, coming in only three symbolic tracks. Yellow is most associated with the song “HyperJoy” which is meant to symbolize joy, laughter, happiness, and enlightenment to create a fun, upbeat energy. Balkan Bump and provides the soulful flavour, while ProbCause helps create some fun within the whole musical experience. It’s really a musical adventure you have to take for yourself which will likely convince you why Low Lite has become a quickly rising “star,” outshining his peers and superiors along the way.

For more of Low Lite’s electronic vibes, listen to the “Contender” remix:

Behold the vibrant cover artwork for Primary:

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