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Industrial Veterans KMFDM Depict Their Own Version of “PARADISE” Earth [Music Video Premiere]

Paradise? What paradise? German industrial metal pioneers KMFDM have returned with their brand new 21st studio album Paradise, due out on September 27th, via Metropolis Records. In honour, we present the exclusive premiere of the title track’s new music video.



When it comes to industrial metal, they don’t come much bigger than KMFDM, and our exclusive premiere of their brand new music video for “Paradise” is going to get fans stoked! This new song is a perfect example of the sheer energy and intensity you’ll be hearing when the group releases their new album of the same name on September 27th, via Metropolis Records. We know you want to, and are going to anyway, so you may as well pre-order their recording right now via Apple Music or Amazon. 2019 is a landmark year for KMFDM as it marks 35 fucking years of some of the best industrial metal that’s ever been created, leaving a lasting and influential legacy for all that follow. We’re talking, now, 21 studio albums, four live albums, countless compilation, and remix albums, plus over a dozen major motion picture contributions. If that isn’t a legacy to stand back and admire with absolute respect than we don’t know what is.

With such a storied history, the band gave their absolute all in the creation of Paradise and its eleven industrial anthems. This is a bruising record, to say the least, and illustrates a remarkable conceptual and creative continuity that shows no signs of slowing down. Any observer of Western politics and culture well knows that we are at a crossroads in our modern history. Optimism for the future has given way and reverted back to the days of cultural and political oppression, motivated by the rise of neo-fascism in Europe and North America. Hope has given way to hate and despicable ideology that is only acting as motivation for people to become more bitter, angry, and alienated than ever before. Paradise acts as KMFDM’s statement, against where we stand the state of our culture. The planet has, in essence, become a paradise for “assholes” and this group out of anyone will not stand for it. Their music has always been highly political, making powerful statements for over three decades against violence and oppression, but Paradise is perhaps their fiercest statement to date.

Forget about it! Watch the visually stunning music video for “Amnesia:”

Paradise’s power lies in its demand; that you live a life of no regret, never taking a look back, staying focused on the future, finding your own destiny and raising a little hell to the system while you’re at it. Who couldn’t feel the sheer power of that? With the excitement surrounding the release of the music video for the title track, the band has a lot to say about the album, the music video and what it all means.

“We mean to take you on a hair-raising rollercoaster ride through time, to wake you from your apathy. It’s a call to action, for one and all. Not so much a political statement but a cultural commentary on a ‘Paradise’ lost, ours. Mankind will not survive much longer unless we, the people join forces and end the reign of the few and powerful, that are so careless, so merciless and so appallingly greedy that they gamble away the future of the rest of us, our children and grandchildren, and the endurance of our planet. The video directed by Eric A Zimmerman, brings band and director full circle as Zimmerman, formerly of Chicago’s H-Gun Labs, directed KMFDM’s videos from the early to mid-‘90s (namely ‘Vogue,’ ‘A Drug Against War,’ and ‘Juke-Joint Jezebel’) as well as a plethora of videos from other Wax Trax! artists of that time.”

“Krank” may be KMFDM’s most well-known song. Check out the music video:

The group continues…. “As for the performance of the band: we mostly shot our own footage ourselves: Lucia in the water-boarding dungeon at KMFDM Kommandozentrale, Sascha singing in the confines of the proverbial KMFDM HQ shower, and Andy bashing away beneath overhead cams in the comfort of his own hurricane-swept personal hell. Andee, along with videographer Hypnodoll, shot his performances in front of the New York Stock Exchange, and at a derelict, rat-infested demolition site. The idea was to play with very disparate backdrops; some representing the crushing forward momentum of Western wealth and the other showing the collateral devastation wrought by unchecked greed, individual isolation and a hapless lack of insight to urgently needed changes regarding the use of global resources as well as the continuing dehumanization of millions of people on the run from war, hunger, terror and climate change.

The future belongs to those of us still willing to get our hands dirty!”

We echo that sentiment. Aside from “Paradise,” there is a long list of highlights that compose Paradise, including the blend of diversity you’ll find in tracks such as the abrasive hip-hop stylings of “K-M-F,” the dark alternative rock of “Oh My Goth,” the dub and electro metal-inspired title track and the industrial and dance energy of “Automaton,” “Disturb the Peace,” and “Megalo.” The latter of which is actually a new rendition of the well-known classic “Megalomaniac.”

With founder and frontman Sacha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko and Lucia Cifarelli handling the creative process of Paradise, you know you’re getting a quality, unforgettable compilation of new tracks. What’s also significant about Paradise is that the album welcomes back band co-founder Raymond “PIG” Watts for the first time in 16 years! The world is ours, but it’s up to us to take control and motivate those around us to start their own cultural revolution. Fortunately, we have KMFDM there to guide us through it all.

The cover artwork for Paradise speaks for itself:

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