Indie-rock band Faintheart, captured our hearts with the beautiful lyricism and foot-tapping beat of their new single “Us”. Hailing from Kansas, Faintheart delivers more than just a good beat – their lyrics are the gem of their craft evoking emotion and introspective thought as if you were listening to a singer-songwriter tell their life story. The first lyrical line in “Us” captured our ears with its sensitive and vulnerable hook “Seems her song’s got a hold on me, I can’t stop singing its melody.” Well Faintheart, we can’t stop singing YOUR melody. Read below for an interview with the band on the song that’s got a hold on… well,”Us”.
What inspired you to write “Us”? What message/story do you hope it translates to fans?
“Us” is a song about having someone to share this crazy ride we call life with. Through the hills and valleys of life, and even if your favorite kind of cookie is oatmeal raisin. It’s sort of meta in a way as it’s a love song using the figurative language of a song to describe love in a song.
What’s your favorite lyrical line in the song?
Second verse – Even when life gets overwhelming, and up and down and upside down, having someone as an anchor can make all the difference.
It seems this songs got a hold on me
I memorized every melody
You never change you’re evergreen
You give me hope in reality
Can you tell us more about your upcoming album? What can fans expect to hear?
Our upcoming release (TBA) will largely be an extension of the same lyrical content that we’ve been dealing with over the past two EPs. Struggles with mental health, making meaning of life, existential questions, and frustrations over our socio-political climate.
How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it?
“Faintheart would sound straight off of the Saddle Creek roster if they weren’t so darn optimistic! It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when listening to their feel-good hooks”
– Ben Wendt, Do816
Who are your musical influences?
Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab For Cutie, Copeland, Manchester Orchestra and The Killers
How did your band get its start?
Unlike another super hero movie, we don’t have a blockbuster origin story. We’re friends who met in college and bonded over a shared love of music, life, and coffee. However, our cinematic twist is that in the three years of being a band, we have never all lived in the same city. We wrote “The Overview Effect” entirely over Google Drive and Skype, and continue to do so with our upcoming releases.
What do you hope is the next step with your music?
We want to keep writing the songs that we want to hear, and hopefully are able to impact others as much as others have impacted us. We’re all in this together, and if we can keep fostering a semblance of community with our music and art then we’re calling it a success. 
Connect with Faintheart:
Instagram . Spotify . Website
Instagram . Spotify . Website

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