Regardless of how hard you hustle, how adept of a planner you may be, how many hours you grind, or how much mental/physical fortitude you tout, it’s certain that at some point you’ll find yourself in need of some motivation. The catalyst is coming… it’s always there, awaiting even the most hardened of self-motivators. It might be a weak workout, a fight with a loved one, or lost business but, whatever it is, how quickly you bounce back is up to you. Stay strong, keep an open mind, count your blessings and take stock of how far you’ve already come.

And, whether you think you need it or not, take 12 minutes and check out this fantastic video which includes a portion of a very motivational speech that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson delivered as part of the Los Angeles Lakers Genius Series.

The video is taken from the YouTube user Emmanuel F who cites the below sources for the full video:

Watch time: 12 minutes