Toronto… Home of, well, too many things to mention, but definitely a strong history of alternative rock; a tradition which carries on with local trio In My Coma, and their new song “Next Life.” This anthemic new track is accompanied by a cinematic music video, showing off the group’s slick rock melodies and grungy guitar riffs. The single also happens to be the title track of In My Coma’s brand new record, a musical statement in which you’ll find more of their trademark melodies and guitar riffs, not to mention an emotional intensity you’ll feel in every lyric and note.

Part of the magic potion that has helped In My Coma create such a potent release was producer Mark Makoway, co-founder of the ‘90s Canadian rock staple Moist, who agreed to helm the production of Next Life. Makoway’s second musical life as a producer for bands such as Hey Rosetta, Wide Mouth Mason, and Colin James has helped In My Coma fully realise their sound on this new album.

Explaining the origins and message of “Next Life,” frontman Jasper James commented, “When I was writing this song, I think I was picturing everything in moving parts. I wanted the lyrics to bring you the thought process of someone experiencing a new kind of fear for the first time. I think it begins in some sort of gothic nightmare where you’ve woken up, you don’t know where you are, you’re looking around for something familiar, but you quickly realize everything is strange. And on top of that, you’re now unsure of yourself and what you’re capable of. The overall message of this song is that despite the past, there’s always time to do different, to remedy old wounds. But that decision is yours to make and the right choice is rarely easy and often the road less travelled. It may be too late to change the past, but it’s never too late to change the future.”

For more of In My Coma, check out their music video for “We Are One:”

Coming together and remaining together as a three-piece, In My Coma’s roots go back now for almost a decade. They released their debut album Magnets & Miracles in 2011 and like many other bands, had to go about the climb slowly, even playing to audiences of a handful of people at first. Persistence paid off and the group landed some big opportunities to play in front of hundreds of people at a time which helped the audiences for their own shows slowly but surely grow as well. One of these opportunities came in 2012 when they were fortunate enough to score an opening slot for Canadian pop-punkers Sum 41 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto.

Makoway became aware of the band when In My Coma opened for Moist in the fall of 2014 in Montreal. This rise from the bottom didn’t come just through strategic connections though. It came from an effort to grow a solid fan base from coast to coast in Canada, not an easy task considering the sheer size of the country. Fans have warmed to In My Coma’s fresh take on 1990s inspired alt-rock that’s infused with the emotionally darker side of 1980s synth-pop, a combination you wouldn’t soon find anywhere else. From struggle comes strength and that’s exactly the story of In My Coma and their emergence as one of Canada’s most exciting alternative rock bands.

Get a little spaced out with the artwork for In My Coma’s new album Next Life: