Originally posted on Mentalfloss.com by Brooklyn, New York-based freelance journalist Jessica Hullinger, there are apparently many manners in which airports secretly manipulate travellers. This should not come as a surprise, nor does it mean the tactics employed are entirely nefarious, but rather it is something to keep in mind/take note of while waiting for your next flight.

“Over the years, airports have evolved from bare-bones transportation hubs for select travellers to bustling retail centres for millions. They’re being designed to both complement and influence human behaviour. Everything from the architecture and lighting to the trinkets on sale in the gift shops is strategic.”


So, what are some of the tactics airports employ to keep passengers chill, shepherd us down the right paths, and entice us to drop some coin? Here’s the list:

  1. They make sure you can see the tarmac
  2. The signs send subliminal messages
  3. They lighten the mood
  4. They herd you with art
  5. They use carpeting
  6. The “golden hour” is key for profit
  7. They’re increasing dwell time
  8. Shops are strategically placed
  9. They go local
  10. Walkways curve to the left
  11. A single queue puts us at ease
  12. The security officers get conversational

Original post: http://mentalfloss.com/article/64808/12-behind-scenes-secrets-airports

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