We are letting you Choose Your Own Adventure today, sort of, well, not really. Just watch the exclusive premiere of A Light Divided’s new “Another Bar Fight In Brooklyn” music video and thank us later. As 2019’s end slowly draws nearer, this band is pushing the limits of how far an indie act can go, a defining characteristic of the North Carolina crew that runs deep through their DNA.

Led by frontwoman Jaycee Clark and rounded out by drummer Adam Smith, bassist Scott Vallina and the twin guitar assault of Doug Weichbrodt and Colt Crevar, A Light Divided have a determination for success that resonates through their enormously intensive live performances and their growing underground collection of dedicated fans. The group is neither defined by rock or metal; they’re somewhere in between not afraid to stray into incorporating pop sensibilities which has earned them opportunities to perform with bands such as In This Moment, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Motionless In White, August Burns Red, and Lacuna Coil.

A Light Divided’s most recent indie rock/metal jam is the album Choose Your Own Adventure (stream/purchase it on Spotify or the group’s official store) which was just released this past summer, produced by Kile Odell (Motionless In White, Cane Hill) and Joshua Landry (Letters From The Fire, Motionless In White), the album is defined by pop hooks, vocals that will leave you feeling exhilarated, sharp, hard-hitting guitar riffs and melodies you won’t soon forget. In regards to subject matter, the record heads down the pathway of current and relevant issues like human relationships and mental health which are inspired by the experiences of the band members themselves.

“Another Bar Fight in Brooklyn,” as explained by frontwoman Jaycee Clark, “is about believing in yourself through moments of doubt. It’s something I personally struggle with as a musician in an independent band, but anyone who has ever chased a dream can relate. Sometimes all you can do is block out the noise that says you aren’t good enough and remember that believing is a prerequisite to achieving anything worthwhile. (It) is also collectively one of our favorites to perform. We knew we wanted to capture that energy in this video and Christian Lawrence (director) did a fabulous job at showcasing what it’s like to experience ALD in a live setting.”

Choose wisely when you Choose Your Own Adventure:

With no quit in this band and an upcoming tour alongside Lakeshore, we spoke to Jaycee Clark about the music video for “Another Bar Fight In Brooklyn” to get more detail about the song and its origins, plus we also touched on the new record Choose Your Own Adventure.

Take us through the filming process behind your new video “Another Bar Fight in Brooklyn.” Where did you shoot the video, how long ago was it shot and how enjoyable was it as far as video shoots go?

Jaycey Clark: “The video was shot over 30 days while we were out on our first cross country tour back in January. It was originally intended to be just a short tour wrap up video, but we ended up loving the footage so much we had the entire song edited.”

Is it true what they say? Do bands actually just pretend to play their instruments along to the recording of the song during video shoots?

Clark: “For most video shoots I think that tends to be the case. But since this particular video was filmed each night on tour, the performance is 100 percent authentic.”

I like the gritty song title “Another Bar Fight in Brooklyn.” What was the primary inspiration for this song’s creation? Has anyone in the band ever actually been in a Brooklyn bar fight, or bar fight in general?

Clark: “This was one of the last tracks we wrote/recorded and I felt like the album needed one more high energy, more aggressive-sounding song. But as aggressive as it is musically, I also wanted it to have a positive message lyrically. That was kind of the genesis for its creation and is probably my personal favorite on the record. As far as being involved in any actual bar fights, Adam (drummer) punched a guy in the face once when some loudmouth drunk guy called me a few less than classy names and acted like he wanted to hit me. Less of a bar fight and more of this dude just getting hit repeatedly while his buddies dumped beer on Adam in protest. Surprisingly, the name of the song is based around a completely separate incident we witnessed on tour but luckily were not involved in… But it made for a pretty great song title.”

Get over your “Fear of Heights” with this music video and first single off of Choose Your Own Adventure:

The song is from your new record Choose Your Own Adventure, which was released in the summertime. It’s often interesting to see how an artist feels about their album a couple of months after its release than right when it just comes out. How do you feel about the album now as compared to right when it was released? Have your views on it changed at all?

Clark: “I can honestly say I feel just as strongly about the album now as I did when it was first released. I’m so proud of all the hard work and dedication everyone put into making this record the best it could possibly be. I can’t wait to take what we learned during the process of recording CYOA and continue to build upon it on our next release.”

Choose Your Own Adventure focuses on the wide range of choices we all have to make in our lives. How did this topic become the focal point of the new album?

Clark: “I was going through a moment of purging a lot of toxic negativity from my life while we were writing and recording CYOA. Making the choice to face those hard truths and focusing on what I wanted out of life ultimately made me a much happier person. So, I was inspired to put out a feel-good album that focused on empowering people to make those same positive changes in their lives.”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

10/10 – Shippensburg, PA – The Thought Lot
10/11 – Winchester, VA – Blue Fox Billiards
10/12 – Mansfield, OH – The Electric Co.
10/13 – Tonawanda, NY – Stamps
10/14 – Trenton, NJ – Championship Bar
10/15 – Hamden, CT – The Cellar on Treadwell
10/16 – Amityville, NY – Revolution Bar & Music Hall
10/17 – Scranton, PA – Stage West
10/18 – Newark, DE – Halftime Sports Bar
10/19 – Lynchburg, VA – Stoney Tavern

Here’s the new album in all of its full streaming glory. Enjoy!

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