Published on his popular blog on September 6th, 2018, Darius Foroux discusses ten small yet extremely effective habits which he (at that time) employed. Honestly, each of these is extremely easy to incorporate into one’s daily routine and over time will deliver in spades. Some are obvious, some (if not all) you might already do and, if so, a reminder/refresher isn’t a bad thing.

According to Foroux, “. . . a habit is positive when it improves the quality of [one’s] life. A lot has been written about forming habits. How hard is? How long does it take? What’s the best way to break habits? How do we adopt new habits? . . . Don’t worry about how you will change. Focus on what habits you want to form and why.”

Simply stated, ensuring your life is full of good habits will lead to a more efficient routine and increased productivity, ultimately affording you more success, growth, and most importantly, free time to focus what matters most: family, friends, and the beauty that is this life.

“And that is also the secret to these 10 habits. They are all small. And the daily progress you make seems insignificant. You will only see the return it has on your life over time. You must stick to these habits until your life gets better. And when that happens, you’ll keep going—not because you have to, but because you want to.” -Darius Foroux

This all said, what is the list? Here she be….

  1. Do a full-body workout with weights 3 times a week
  2. Set 3-4 daily priorities
  3. Read 60 minutes a day
  4. Sleep 7-8 hours a night
  5. Walk 30 minutes a day
  6. Follow the intermittent fasting eating pattern
  7. Be present
  8. Practice kindness & love
  9. Journal or write 30 minutes a day
  10. Save 30% of your income

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