Perhaps one of the most soulful rock n’ roll bands you will hear this year is The Screaming Vultures; and a perfect example is their latest single and music video, “Pretty Like Suicide.” (This new track, and more of the group’s music, can be found on their official Spotify page).

Unbelievably, the trio just formed earlier this year, bringing together three seasoned musicians, all coming from varying backgrounds. You got frontman Thomas Ribeiro who signed with Island Records when he was only 16 and subsequently ended up touring with artists such as Tina Turner, Kim Wilde, Malcolm McLaren. Then you got lead guitarist Declan Jenkins, a metal guy who practised his craft as a guitarist for NYC metal group Utopic when he was only 17. Finally, drummer Liam Jenkins comes to you from Australia, where he played the drums with alt-pop groups before moving to New York and forming a music studio called Somedays Studios which has housed several recording artists.

Despite the vastly different backgrounds, somehow the three musicians found each other, first at a jam session with some ‘60s classic blues-rock artists. The reason they settled on bluesy music was due to the fact they all shared a deep love and connection with the vibe of old-time blues, which they felt they could infuse with some modern energy.

Check out the music video for “Teenage Addiction,” right here:

“Pretty Like Suicide” is The Screaming Vultures’ third single; a debut album is due out this fall. The tune was preceded by the bluesy love track “Teenage Addiction” and followed by “Country Girl,” a song which puts the spotlight firmly on Thomas’ vocal talents. Lyrically, “Pretty Like Suicide” describes Thomas’ views on love and its potentially destructive side. It also focuses on personal struggles with various emotions such as jealousy, deception, unfaithfulness, and desertion. In other words, perfect subject matter for the blues. It originally was intended to have a heavy blues style, but thanks to Declan switching guitar styles, and Liam adding some modern edginess with the production, it sounds firmly relevant in today’s music scene.

Commenting on “Pretty Like Suicide,” Ribeiro stated, “At a time when everything, including music, is moving beyond emotion, we took a classic genre like blues rock, integrated all our global influences as a band and created a new modern sound, hopefully, full of emotion. American based blues-rock fashioned by legal aliens; two Australians and an African Englishman in New York! That’s pretty rock n’ roll.

We love Sabbath as much as we love Howlin’ Wolf and The Raconteurs as we love Nike Air Max, St. Laurent, and Off White. Nothing precious about it at all, just the pursuit of something real, cool and authentic.”

Authentic may be perhaps the perfect word to describe The Screaming Vultures. There’s nothing pretentious or over-the-top about these dudes. Just three guys who somehow found each other and are off to a strong start to what promises to be a productive career.

The “Pretty Like Suicide” single dropped on August 8th, 2019, via Mansion Records.


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