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Sixteen Scandals are a boisterous, punk-rock three-piece from Toronto who are gearing up for the release of their second full-length album, Nothing to C Here, this fall. In the lead up to the album’s drop date, the band have released two singles, the second of which, “C No Evil, Hear No Evil, Talk a Lot of Shit” (stream it on Apple Music and Spotify), came out on August 9th and is available now as a free song download. The track is a sarcastic, energetic blast of fresh air reminding everyone to stop acting so high-and-mighty; all set to the hook-laden adventure of a solid, two-minute punk rock song.

On the track, the guys from Sixteen Scandals elucidate their intentions by saying, “‘C No Evil…’ is both tongue-in-cheek and autobiographical, told from the perspective of the curmudgeon we all eventually become: stuck in our opinions, ignorant of facts, and balls deep in confirmation bias. Also politics. Duh. Both the left and the right are so convinced that they are correct; we don’t even try to understand anymore.”

So, next time you’re involved in political, social, environmental, or economic arguments with a myopic, strong-headed friend, enemy, or the always-intriguing frenemy, take advice from “C No Evil, Hear No Evil, Talk a Lot of Shit” and remember to explore your own biases and illogical assumptions. In the meantime, download the song and just enjoy an acerbic punk rock anthem.

Bored and vacant? Entertain yourself with the Sixteen Scandals video for “Middle C,” the first single off of the upcoming Nothing to C Here

Nothing to C Here is due out in the fall of this year; check the cover artwork: