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Prog Project SURFACE OF THE SUN is Crazy-Hot on New Single “The Silence” [Song Premiere]

Calling all fans of progressive alternative metal; Surface of the Sun, the solo project of recording engineer and independent, B.C. musician, Devon Eggers, is debuting the new single “The Silence” off the upcoming EP Panacea.



Calling all fans of music in the vein of Tool (yes, we’re talking about alternative metal, art tock, progressive metal, progressive rock, and all of that juicy goodness); please allow us to introduce you to Mr. Devon Eggers, a recording engineer and independent, British Columbia, Canada-based musician whose one-man solo prog project is dubbed Surface of the Sun. Eggers’ first release, A Dying Star, dropped way back on December 3rd of 2012, and his sophomore recording has been a long time coming. To the delight of his followers, news recently broke of the September 6th, 2019 release of his upcoming album, Panacea.

News of the new EP was accompanied by the album’s lead single “Oblivion” and, today is being joined by fellow prog-tastic tune, “The Silence.” Nothing at all quiet about this new single, “The Silence” is a six-minute and seventeen second-long lesson in modern, progressive metal that should find its way onto many new fans’ playlists. (Fun fact: after streaming “The Silence,” YouTube next started auto-playing Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” and the pair were near-perfect.) Clearly, we’re dealing with a talented dude here; with the exception of the drums, Eggers wrote, performed, recorded, and even mixed all of the music and vox heard on the new EP.

Enter the noisy world of “The Silence.” Stream single number 2 now!

If that’s not enough to leave you impressed, Eggers is also a writer and recently published his first novel with a sequel in the works. Titled Sky View, the book follows journalist Jake Asher who is “assigned to cover school science fairs instead of cutting-edge stories. His successful best friend, Paul, encourages him to take control of his own life by uncovering a story he actually wants to write, so Jake investigates the scientific genius and billionaire entrepreneur that has inspired him for years. But when his reconnaissance leads him into a mysterious and deadly world of global espionage that threatens the future of the planet, Jake risks his life and his shot at love with Alexa, his enigmatic protector whose skills seem to defy reality, to make his life count.”

Speaking of the new track, Eggers commented, “‘The Silence’ builds upon a catchy five-count riff that evolves as the song progresses through a surprising arrangement, supplemented by Asian instruments and spacious sound effects. It’s full of catchy lyrics, heavy guitars, and creative drumming that adds its own voice to the song’s uniqueness. It both hits hard, but opens up and breaths in a way that makes the listener almost float along with the sounds. The prog nature of Surface of the Sun shines through in ‘The Silence,’ and is sure to cause fans of the genre to go hit repeat for another listen.”

Panacea Track Listing:

01. The Science Says (5:03)
02. Oblivion (5:22)
03. The Silence (6:16)
04. Panacea (8:52)

“Oblivion” was the first single to be released from the Panacea EP:

Peep the slick cover artwork for the “Nothing Wrong With My Life” single:

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